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I expect you've already got enough wooden spoons

star gaze lily

My birthday is in September too, can I have an extra one...around June? 

I'll send you an elephants foot cake Verdun 

Mine was a few weeks ago, feel a bit hard done by now! I want another one! June 21st would be great 

star gaze lily

Happy birthday for a few weeks ago Ryan....have some cake



Haha thanks Star  I do hope you made that! 

I think we should all chip in a create a cultivar of Verd's favourite plant and call it 'Verdun' ! 


Verdun, I like the way your mind works.

star gaze lily

Its one I made earlier.....errm well .......

Nice one folks. 

Keyser Soze

Glad my comment was taken in the spirit with which it was intended! 

Many happy returns!

Definitely Keyser

A fun thread and fun replies.  


Sending you my birthday Verdun, I don't want any more x


My thanks for your advice and support


Scott Edwards

Verdun's giving us plenty of warning so we can save up. The penny's do add up!

Orchid Lady

I have today thought of the perfect can have one of my home grown Cherry Bomb chilli plants......I have loads I will need to give away 

Will you be getting a card off the queen this year he he : )

Yes m'dear.  I'm hoping I will get one of those there telegrammy things on my hundredth birthday later this year.  Someone has promised me a new zimmer frame too.  The one I want has the gofaster stripes and chrome wing mirrors.  Ooo, I'm so excited now ...I could suck a carrot 


Ryan, if we make a new cultivar, we should call it 'Sweet Fanny Adams', 'cos that's what Verdun really deserves for his Birthday(s), the cheeky wee!