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Or how about a new hat, Verdun?  xx

Hee hee hee 


Verdun - I've laughed all the way through this thread and, as a result of the glee and enjoyment you have brought - decided that I would buy you lots and lots of delights.  But  because I don't know what you like I will buy everything based on what I would like to receive myself.  Then I'll do what I usually do - decide I like everything too much to part with and keep it all.  But  it is the thought that counts......

NIce one Lavande.  We think alike 



Verdun (there's always one isn't there?)

Orchid Lady

Artjak,you could give Verdun your cold  Hope you're feeling better


I would love to, but it would be so cruel; he's a bloke -  it would become flu...

Hey!  I resemble that remark 

star gaze lily

Sorry Verdun, you know you're my favourite 

Oh alrighty then 


Resemble is the right word there, Luvvy

I note we don't see cakes from you. What about our Birthdays? I want cheesecake. Not as you know it. I just want a great big cake-shaped cheese. Preferably a garlic cheese.

What would the rest of you like from Verdun for your Birthdays?

Turn his tables for him




I think Verdun should come and clean my car for me for my birthday - after all, it's still dirty from when he 'borrowed' it 


Pottie Pam

I've thought long and hard about Verdun's present and I think I've come up with the perfect presents. I know he dosen't really like adders (unlike me) so I thought a forked stick or even some soil from Ireland. I read that there or no snakes in Ireland as Saint Patrick drove them out. An immigrant to Australia was so worried about the snakes that he imported a load of Irish soil to surround his house and apparently  was never bothered by snakes again.

Dose anyone know where I can buy Irish soil?

star gaze lily

I'd like a miscanthus ferner osten from Verdun please. My birthday is in september so there's plenty of time .

Errrr Ireland






Not checked in on this thread for a while, still catching up = did anyone get Verdun a new coat for his birthday, he seems to use the old one a lot it must be worn out!

I got a miscanthus from Verdun for my birthday Lily, I'm sure he has enough for all of us!

star gaze lily

Ooh do hope so MrsG 

Hehe, nice one mrsg about Verduns coat 

Mike - happy birthday for 28 Dec, but for now go to sleep, we've got an hour less of it you know! Sweet dreams. Ok, yes , me too, good night.