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Its a beautiful sunny afternoon here and it just occurred that with me having a birthday this year many .....if not ALL.....of you would like to buy me something rather nice 

Remember, it's not the thought that counts its the value of the pressie 

A deathly silence... Is it a special birthday ie a BIG one?


A train ticket so that you can look after my garden when I go on holiday


followed by a bus ticket from KEF's to mine.

Keyser Soze

Some polish for your brass neck!




Same as you got me Verdun, but in a different colour and with knobs on.


That's easy Verd.....


A really nice big Bamboo Verdun ?  Well, you did say it's not the thought but the cost that counts


Verdun, being a very important person. that is me not you, I have 2 birthdays this year. Therefore it is more important that we discuss what you will buy me!

star gaze lily

I'll get the same as Lisa, in another colour.......we must confer Lisa so we don't get the same one 


Verdun, I'm sure you'll find we're ALL having / have had , a birthday this year. tee hee. What are you getting us?



I was thinking of getting Verdun a ticket for a weekend's shark fishing off Land's End 

Had to laugh at Keyser Soze's comment.  Still giggling at that.  Lol 

Orchid Lady

Is it a special birthday Verdun and when is it, just so I know how long I have to save up 


Yes,,it is a special one.  They are all special.  Have one in September but can have another at any time. 

Mark 499

Same as I got you last year.

Orchid Lady

September????  That's ages away, it's mine before then in April.  So to answer the OP, I will tell you what your present will be when I've had mine 


Yes, but I can have one earlier. 

Orchid Lady

That's just greedy and seen as I'm a Lady now, can I have an extra one too??