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otnorot but just call me Bill

Our ice storm was a beauty,Lost our power on Sunday 10.30 pm,got it back on  Thursday at 5.30 pm.It amazing when its minus 15 just how cold the house gets (38F). The son has terminal cancer and was admitted on Monday morning and the Wife has been with him since,the hospital supplied a cot for her to sleep on in his room so she didn't have to stay here in the cold.On Tuesday my brother called on the phone (the only thing electrical working in my house) and said "don't be stubborn,get the dog and get over here right now.I was never so happy to get into a warm place.I have never seen so many trees down,some are heavily pruned others are completely down. Still sections in the city without power,that's a week from tomorrow



Bill, I saw some of it on the news, I wondered how you were doing. I'm glad you've found somewhere warm. You need some physical comfort when everything else is hard.  I'm so sorry about your son's illness.

Look after yourself


Bill, very sorry to hear that, you must be devasted! Glad your brother put his foot down and you are now warm. Best wishes and take care.

Hiya Bill.  It's terrible about your son....words are inadequate and there is little anyone can do.  My mum lost her daughter af 32.  Cancer too.  Our only consolation was that she felt our love throughout.  I'm sure you are offering your son the same.  Make the most of every moment.  

Im glad you are in the warm now Bill.  


Your weather sounds horrific and the cold you are enduring unimaginable. Glad that you have such a kind and thoughtful brother to comfort you at this difficult time. So sorry to hear of your son's illness.

We are all thinking of you. 



I bet. I remember waiting for the bus to school and my hands ached as it was so cold. And we had to do our mock O levels wearing our coats because the school had no oil to use to heat the school. Keep warm!


Bill, so glad you're safe and warm and with good company.  Our thoughts are with your son and the rest of your family. 


Bill I'm sorry to hear about your son now being in hospital. Take care of yourself as I'm sure you are going to be the one who has to be strong over the coming days. Love to you all.

Really sorry to hear of your son illness I know how hard it is for you-as a nurse I feel for you and I'm sure he will get the best care and glad to know that his wife is supported too.

Did you say you are Canadian? I have rellies in Toronto and love Canada the only reason I would not live there is the cold weather! We spent xmas there once never again!!

Lots of love

otnorot but just call me Bill

It warmed up today 4C and every tree,shrub,perennial and anything else that stuck out of the ground lost their ice coating now  we are safe from falling branches/trees,thousands and thousands of trees/branches came down and there are still 20.000 without power,that's one week.That has to be driving them bonkers,and I do feel sorry for these people.

Weyplotter I know what you mean.

They let my son come home today,I don't know for how long but is nice to have him here. Thanks all for your kind thoughts



Bill my heart goes out to you. I hope you keep warm and keep a fire burning in both situations.

on a lighter note maybe you should buy and start selling generators 20,000 would be quite a profit my friend


Hiya Bill.

Its nice your son is home with you.  I guess you just take every day as it comes to the max. 

Weather sounds horrendous there Bill.  Here in "sunny" Cornwall we escape most of the extremes of weather.  

Best wishes

Glad to hear that your son is home with you.

Take care


otnorot but just call me Bill

Clueless Gardener many shops sell them but were running short on them.Its 9 days since the ice storm and there are still people without power.tons of food had to be thrown out as a freezer will only stay cold for 48 hours.




Bill, it might be a silly question but due to the freezing conditions wouldn't the food have remained frozen if it was stored outside ?

Obviously things aren't good for you just now but I'd like to wish you and your family all the very best for 2014.

Woodgreen wonderboy

Hi Bill, if it is any consolation I have just noticed that a large tree is leaning precariously on my main route in and around the village. Looks like a Silver Birch is valiantly trying to stop it from falling across the power cables and road. ( this village had no electricity from 8 til 8 on Christmas day). I shall be walking under it on my way to a New Year's eve party! So 2014 may be arriving with a bang.

No real comparison with your predicament but it did remind me to think of you and your family.


All my best wishes for you and your family.

otnorot but just call me Bill

KEF unless you have secure containers that lock its not a good idea we have many critters that would love to eat everything you put out side.We could have put the meats in our garage but that's where the mice stay foe winter.all the grocery stores that got involved in the power shortage had to throw out thousands and thousands of dollars worth of refrigerated produce.

Woodgreen you be careful,here they close streets off because of that situation.That should be reported to the officials in town and they should remove it.



Bill I hadn't thought about the critters. You would have had some fat mice