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Hi, I want to buy a hanging baskets online for flowers. Because I am new in the hanging baskets plants, can you please give me some idea, what kinds of flower is good for it?

Hanging baskets is like this,




Hi Jameslu. I think most people use petunias, trailing geraniums and lobelia, ivy etc. You can also grow Tumbling Tom Tomatoes (either red or yellow varieties). Do these baskets have any drainage holes?

Hello i prefer to buy with drainage holes as this benefits all round as artjak was saying drainage holes are need i would put trailing ivy night scented stock lobelia oh an you can get fertiliser that makes them grow blooming marvelous lol put id say 2 marigolds in this keeps the bugs away works for me but im sure alot on here will offer there ideas im new happy gardening 


welcome vicki 66 That's a good idea about the marigolds.

Trailing verbenas are excellent with upright pelargoniums in the centre.  Surfinia petunias are now disease free and many, ESP the dark purple varieties, are highly scented.  Begonia fireworks produces masses of cascading orange and red flowers for months.

I use gel crystals too and sustained release fertiliser pellets.  As early a start as possible too is useful.  I pinch back growing points ASAP and repeat a few weeks later to ensure a bushy appearance (and more flowers).  I also resist the urge to overplant......even on the tv progs they suggest we shove so many plants into the baskets but my feeling is they compete too much for nutrients and water.  I use about 6 plants including a central fuschia/ pelargonium.  Regular dead heading too helps a lot.  A newly planted basket hung in the greenhouse until frosts are over will bloom all summer

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