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This is on behalf of a friend.  All I have is the picture.  She doesn't know what it is but apparently it flowers twice a year.  Any ideas? 

As always any help at all is greatly appreciated

Hi, it looks like a peaony to me, but they dont flower twice?

Well that's what I was thinking.  I thought maybe a tree peony but they only flower once too.  So I'm a bit stumped.  Was hoping Verdun or D

ove might have an idea.......


Might be the one called Molly the Witch but she won't flower twice.

Do you know when this photo was taken? Molly flowered weeks ago



None taken Mike, my friend says twice a year.  I take that to mean on two separate occasions.



It won't daisy. I think that's what Mike is checking. Lots of perennials will come back for a second, late, flowering if you cut back after the first bash. A paeony won't


Just been reading about Itoh/Intersectional hybrids on the peony society website.  An article there claims they will flower twice if you cut the first ones back.  Hmmm.    I would be surprised if it was an Itoh unless the previous owner was a very keen gardner.  I'm going to ask my friend a few more questions.


Hi mike. Hope things are going well for you.

I have a idea about slugs and snails that you might be interested in. Well its more about Nematodes and what you have said previously about slug trails and the affect on the area that slug pellets clear.  I found this piece in the Telegraph  and have been looking into it for months. Its not as simple as it sounds. 

I would like to give it a test on here is i can get volunteers and a control area.

Still in the early stages though.

Sounds to good to be true.

Take a look and tell me what you think. I have looked at both sides (industrial) but are they just wanting to keep us buying the product???

You know what i mean 




Ah, mystery solved.  My friend consulted her husband, who clearly has a better memory (!!) and apparently it does die down in the winter and it only flowers once in the spring.  So it must be a peony.  The picture above is from last year.  So Nut, maybe it is Molly the Witch.  Thanks everyone for your help.  I hope, Edd, you meant to PM Mike and not hijack the thread.


Sorry hun. 

I did not want to hi jack your thread. APOLOGIES  AGAIN.  Mike is hard to catch.

I will start a new thread.

Sorry once more.



No problem   And thanks again everyone, you are so kind.


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