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Angela 17

Hi Nutcutlet,

Bought one a couple of years ago, but had to get rid of it. It self seeded all around the garden. It looked nice at the back of the flowerbed but it went everyplace. I was even pulling them out of the lawn. The tallest one I had was about 4 foot with the flower spike  about 3 foot. A neighbour was telling me it was a herbal plant that is widely grown in Australia. The leaves are soft and hairy, and the rosette of leaves at the base can grow quiet large. It looks very similar to the one I had so I hope I`m right.


It will be interesting to see when it comes to flower. I hope we get a pic


I've got Verbascum, Banana custard,this year.So far it looks identical to the great mullein,but its supposed to have larger individual flowers...i should know soon.

I will definitely post a picture if and when it flowers and keep you up to date on its progress.


Verbascum lychnitis looks pretty much like that as well


Grown another 6" but still no sign of flowers.  

Hi all.

I have started a new thread now it has flowered.

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