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 Can any of you clever people identify this plant for me. We bought it last year as an unknown alpine. It only had about 4 leaves then, but it is now about 2 ft. tall.

It's leaves are very soft, with the texture of a peach.

As you can see from the pic, it has a bulbous part on the top. Is this more leaves or is it the beginning  of a flower?

Any info will be gratefully recieved.



Looks like a verbascum to me, one of the big furry ones of which there are several

That's flowers coming whatever it is.

I agree with nut, it is a verbascum.  It's going to get about 5 feet tall once the flower gets going!


That looks like a very fine verbascum to me too - love it   Please show us a pic when it flowers.


I agree with Verbascum. It also looks like one of the big yellow ones, which means it is probably biennial, and so it will die following flowering


fidgetbones wrote (see)

Its not an alpine!!!!!!

Chuckle!  No, definitely not!!!  Although I have seen self-sown ones do very well on rockeries - they like well-drained sunny spots 

Thanks all,   It may not be an alpine, but as you can see it is doing very well in my rockery.  

Does anyone know what variety of Verbascum it is ? So I can look it up.

Dove I will definately post a pic when it flowers.....and let you al know just how tall it gets . 


I would need to see the flowers for that. There are alpine verbascums. 

Where did you get it? Alpine is 'garden centre speak' for small plant. But they're really plants from the high mountains are some are not small.

Google alpine verbascums


Nut.  It was from a garden centre, what one I'm not sure,. I thought alpine ment that they would grow in a rockery 


That's what I would expect from a GC alpine.

Most of them. possibly all, are biennials so you haven't got a huge plant there that will take over in time

Will have to wait and see what happens to it. Any chance you know what the plant next to it is... OH calls it his petrified tree 


I can't see it well enough sorry.

No problem. I'll start a new thread with new pics.

It might be the wild version, great mullain, lovely plant, quite tough


Jack and the beanstalk big ????? 


a small beanstalk.

I don't think it will be enormous because of the height it is now plus the advanced state of the flower buds

Angela 17

Hi Pauline

It`s a Verbascum Thapsus.


Hi Angela, how can you tell?