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Our neighbour has this marvellous plant almost overhanging our joint fence, & I should like to buy one" but I don't know its name?  It has grown so tall - like 6 foot high!  I think it must be a hydrangea of sorts - can anybody please id it & give me its name? Thankyou  

i will post a photo in a moment, separately,  asa I remember how to do that from my cell phone


Photos don't work from a phone as yet.



thanks,  I emailed it to myself then saved it to my camera roll so I could download it.   Thanks for helping  


Hydrangea paniculata, but not sure which one. There are dozens of them, mostly in white though Red Annabelle is red and Limelight is greenish white.


oh, thankyou, I will take my photo with me when I ask for it at the nursery they usually grow so tall & "whimsical"? 

Appreciate your help, thanx!  


They are very easy to find in Garden Centres (if it is a reasonable place that is). If left unpruned they can grow to over 12 feet tall (some of them). But you can prune them in February down to the ground as they flower on new wood. That keeps them in check. Annabelle (H. grandiflora rather than H. paniculata) tends to get a bit 'leggy' if not pruned and then falls over. (Perhaps that should be legless).

ahahaha ha  


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