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Mark 499

 Any idea what the blue flower is?

Victoria Sponge

Yes, defo-  Dove ID'd it for me the other week


Cicorium intybus as said.

Mark 499

Thanks everyone.


Ooo, i do like that, they only ever do a close up pic of the flower in the catalogues, dont suppose anyone can tell me which type this is so i could get some please?
Victoria Sponge

I think it's a wildflower Bekkie, Berghill gave the botanical name above. I bet you can buy them though...mine was a self seed that got to 8' tall and then fell over and snapped my hollyhock.

It's now in the bin

Were you thinking of the catananche plant with a similar flower? 


very similar flower on catananche and cichorium.  But the cichorium grows 6 ft and flops everywhere, the catanche only grows 2 feet and flops everywhere.

The photos def  Cichorium intybus, as berghill said.

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