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I would really appreciate some ideas please. As a family we try and be as eco freindly as possible and financially times are hard so........ my daughter-in-law to be has asked me to grow her flowers. She would like some very simple arrangements for the Church . She really likes Gypsophilia (phew thats one plant at least;-) They're getting married in late Aug, I have plenty of room. My soil as had alot of manure and leaf mould over the years, I have a South facing garden and I live in Cornwall. Can you help please .

It's a bit difficult for me as I'm a lot further north and high up so our seasons may be a bit different, but sweet peas should be in flower then as should cosmos.


Annuals might be the way to go. What about sweetpeas? Lots of different colours, lots of scent. Or sunflowers. What plants do you have in your garden which would act as a green foil to the flowers? Or as you live in Cornwall, plants like sea holly, thrift, some lady's mantle. I did table decorations for my wedding using the greenery from my garden and added freesia, ladys mantle and some gold coloured dried flowers to it. My bouquet was a bunch of white roses surrounded by white freesias and the bridesmaids was in red, the same flowers. You could get these from M&S or Tesco or another supermarket and get a nice length of ribbon from a habadashery to tie them (after using florists tape which you can get from all florists).


Sweet peas and dahlias and  cosmos

Gauras are lovely and airy - very romantic !



How about just gypsophilia with some dramatic foliage thrown in.  E.g, banana plant leaves. ( will get them now in B&G and other garden centres quite cheap, I got mine 50p each last yr).  You can keep them as house plant, trim all overlarge leaves and use as you please.. Or you could use whole pots of them in the church, and add other plants.  You have a chance in the church to use living and cut flowers.  Where many people would use a cut flower, you could use a living plant, and get it back again to plant.Just decorate or hide the pot.

I have seen some fantastic arrangements of cauliflower, broccoli and cabbage in very prestigious places.  They were picked quite small with as long a stem as poss, and looked fantastic.  I have even seen carrot foliage used as a backdrop.

For the Church,you want thing to look great. But remember that most people are looking at the Bride, and not noticing the flowers. Flowers will be more noticeable at the 'do', after.  Here is where you put sweet peas, etc. For scent and colour.

Late now, going away to think more, and to bed!  May have more ideas tomorrow. No, Tues, as my son's B'day Mon so cakes to bake, etc.


My daughter's wedding was in early August last year - I have a biggish deep blue hydrangea in a large tub, and by keeping it in the shade early on I was able to control it's flowering so that it was perfect to cut for the big decorations in the church - you'll be a bit earlier than us down there in the southwest, but if you have any good friends with hydrangeas in tubs perhaps you can persuade them to do the same and donate the flowers, just for one year.  They were certainly very useful to give some impact in the big arrangements. 

I would think Echinacea will be flowering in Cornwall by late August won't it, and Verbena Bonariensis - they'll both be useful in the church.

I'm wondering if Gladiolus callianthus (acidanthera) will be blooming in late August in Cornwall - it blooms in September up here - such pretty flowers with a beautiful scent and great for cutting - you could buy lots of corms this autumn - store them somewhere cool and dry over winter and then make some successional plantings through April and May - I should think that at least some of them will be in bloom for the right week. 

Good luck 

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