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I have a hedge at the front of my garden, it is very thorny and loses its leaves in winter (I think it could be Hawthorne ). The bottom of it is bare and litter from the street collects there. Could I plant anything that would cover the gap and also grow up through the hedge. 

I don't know how long the hedge has been there as we only moved in about a year ago. I do know that the previous tenants did not do anything in the garden except store fridges and freezers !!!!

Plant ivy at the bottom of the hedge and train it up just cut it with the hedge to control it.


Hi Pauline

Are you thinking of growing something the street-side of the hedge or the side facing your home?

Which way does the house face and what sort of soil do you have in the garden.  Also, how high is the hedge?

The hedge is about 4ft high and about 2.5ft wide facing east....ish.  The soil underneath it is very stony but gets plenty of water as the garden slopes down towards the road. I was hoping to plant in the gaps between the 'trunks' of the hedge, so it would be neither road or garden side, if you can understand what I mean.


The only thing I can think of that might establish between the roots of a hedge (apart from ivy) is Vinca major (periwinkle), which would also spread out sideways and need controlling. 

You could consider putting some short posts and wire netting to the front of the hedge and letting the hedge grow through it so that it's more or less hidden - that would stop the rubbish collecting in the base of the hedge. 

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