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 This is coming up in my lawn. Its woody and appeared in several places. roots must be fairly deep because I can't get at them although the ground is baked hard.

Can anyone identify it for me please


Have you got any cherry trees nearby?  That looks like a sucker from prunus roots. 


Dove it also looks like cherry to me.

We mow them as they appear in the lawn at Mum's but the devils are in borders etc. The tree was removed 6 yrs ago so I assume ours are suckers.  Or self sets from another via the birds.  

No cherries but plums and Apple's.Also an ornamental almond.I can't figure where suckers would have come from.popping up all over the place across the lawn.Just cut them with the grass you think?


Suckers from the plum rootstock - the roots spread out just under the surface of the lawn.  Regular mowing will keep them as under control as is possible - there's nothing else you can do.  Herbicides will kill the trees.



auntier I don't know about apple and plums, but cherry do grow from stones that birds drop but I wouldn't have thought in your lawn but honestly don't know. 

I would keep mowing their heads off.

Hopefully you'll get more replies.


Plum. We get dozens of them as our hedges are either Damson, Wild plum or Sloe,

You can put Lawn weed killer on them without killing the main tree. We often have resorted to this. We had to remove a Greengage from the middle of the lawn 3 years ago (it fell down in one of the gales) and there are still suckers coming up from it now.

 This larger one was growing in one of my pots containing a hollyhoch. To me it looks the same as the young one next to it, similar slight reddening at the shoottip and similar shaped leaves.

So not a sucker- the mystery deepens. Any further thoughts? 


The top one looks more like Salix caprea


and the original looks more like a plum than a cherry to me 

The only thing that puzzles me about the plum lookalike is that some of these little ones are about 5m away from the trees.Do they put up suckers that far away?

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