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acers.  grow a couple of them quite well but my garden is too near the coast to grow some of the yellow leaved varieties

and roses too...again cornwall is not the best county to grow these

KEF wrote (see)


Q R --Garden Gallery 2013 page 34.

Thanks KEF! Tell your Mum they're wonderful!





You'll have to move up here for your roses Verd - to our cold wet climate 

I don't crave too much apart from the aforementioned Italian renaissance garden with all the trimmings. I'm not greedy ... I find accepting  your plot limitations is the key..... 


Tree Peony - lots of them.... and all the above. Love everything that one can grow and my garden is crammed but would still like to grow more. Difficult question to answer with one single item but great to read all your wishes. Nice one.

Several of the above but also, large pond/lake at the back, with a willow tree. I'd love pond life but am so short of space it's not an option. A smaller pond with lilies would be lovely. Tree peony & wisteria already mentioned. As it is, my neighbour would be q capable of putting glyphosate on anything he thought even touched his property & they're terraced houses  so wisteria's not an option.




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