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Regardless of your location and garden conditions if you could have anything in your garden what would you have?

I would love a Ginkgo biloba tree. I know they will grow in pots but I'd love a mature one. 

a beanstalk, complete with golden egg laying hen...

Woodgreen wonderboy

Tree,,,Malus "Evereste"....or Acer Griseum...can't make my mind up 

Shrub... Viburnam  "Mariesii"

Perrennial....dahlias in variety

Annual...Cosmos  "Purity" ( White)

Spring bulb...fritillaria melagris

Ask me tomorrow and I wiill probably change my mind!!


..what a lovely question....

Rhododendron 'King George'... I simply don't have the garden for that...


This might sound daft but - an entire, formal Italianate garden complete with avenues, vistas, cypresses, statues, fountains and box and yew hedging.

Don't ask for much do I...



Oh FG, you just described my heaven!

I would only add zantedeschia for that unadulterated elegance


Oooh yes!! I love them! Some very dark Irises would sneak in too 

Well.....a girl can dream .....

I'd better go to bed before I get carried away!

Night all 


I'd love a Picea breweriana otherwise known as brewers spruce.  It has a lovely droopy habit. There are some at Chatsworth near the giant redwoods. All I need is a few hundred acres to set it off. 

Shame I didn't win the euromillions last night , but I can always dream.

A Singing Ringing tree. Probably just gave away my age!


Tree: Laburnum, and roses, roses, roses!

steephill wrote (see)

A Singing Ringing tree. Probably just gave away my age!

ooohhh too scary steephill!  

Fairygirl wrote (see)
steephill wrote (see)

A Singing Ringing tree. Probably just gave away my age!

ooohhh too scary steephill!  

I think it was on tele' as one of the Tales from Europe, along with Belle & Sebastian. I'm only 27 as well.


Just two things:

A lemon tree with lots of lemons on it (got a thing about lemon trees), and a decent sized tree fern - I've killed two so far


As many Camellias as there are at Bodnant, ditto Eucryphia and most of all any Stewartia. None of these will grow here, we are just too cold and windy for them.



If I had the space, a proper big oak tree and a majestic cedar.

If I had acidic soil, lovely papery, silky blue and red meconopsis poppies and then I could also grow magnolias, rhodos, azaleas and pieris.

However, I'm blessed with very fertile, decent alkaline loam with a some clay and can grow all sorts of things that love that as long as they can stand the long, cold, exposed winters.  I just wish the weeds didn't know about my soil..



Rainbow Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus deglupta) aka Mindanao Gum. Its bark looks like a child has painted it! Not at all hardy alas.


A mature cornus kousa chinsensis.  When I can decide where to put it I will plant one here - but fear I will never appreciate its full glory.  There is one in the village about 100 years old - truly magnificent when it flowers (which will be any day now).  Stops the traffic !!


...just about my favourite small tree Chicky... mine is young, only about 2 years in the ground and I'm disappointed it won't flower this year, I hope I don't have to wait too long... next summer perhaps...?

 at least I shall get autumn colour, in it's early stages last year...

 ..go on... I know you want one...


Lebanese Cedar, fully grown of course surrounded by a large short cropped lawn. I have a Ginkgo biloba in the Arboretum at work KEF, it`s about 20 to 25ft high. Very nice it is too.