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IF you never had GARDENING ........................

What if you never had you garden to tend what .............. ..?

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More hillwalking for me Brum. Baking would be good but I'd eat it all and never get out the door!

Would hate to not have a garden of some sort though 


Be very depressed Brumbull   Baking would be the next best thing but then I'd end up eating it and getting fat and then being more depressed   My garden and my job are two things I couldn't live without, oh and family as well ! Plus something else that I can't mention on here!!!!! 


If I didn't have to work, and had loads of money, I would be diving and cuddling my way around Indonesia, Rajah  ampat, moving into Papua New guinea, and then working the islands up the Pacific.

I want to dive with humpbacks in Tonga, great whites off the bottom of Australia, and see pygmy sea horses in Indonesia.

I just need to win the lottery first.


Sorry that's videoing not cuddling . Though cuddling would be good too.


Lol FB,  autocorrect!



Can't imagine life without a garden and the wildlife to watch. 

Dressmaking maybe? I used to do a lot of that

Motorcycling? Maybe not too painful 

You shouldn't have corrected the autocheck. I had a lovely image in my mind's eye there. 

I 'd have to take up yoga, I think, as gardening  is the only way I can relax.


Well if I was younger I would still be climbing. Now I suppose more walking in the highlands of Scotland, my favourite place on earth and more wildlife watching

Do a lot of charity work for the elderly and disabled in my area and hopefully take more holiday's.


It would have to be something else that:

  • gets me outside all year,
  • can be put down at a moments notice to a)help with homework b) ferry offspring to and fro
  • keeps me close enough to the house that the authorities could not accuse me of abandonning my children home alone

Not sure anything else fits the bill ......


You old dark horse pd! I miss it terribly.  I remember sitting on top of one of the hills at Bridge of Orchy in late winter/early spring and seeing black woodcock appearing out of the mist. Lucky enough to se a capercaillie too one day up at Ben lawyers. Fantastic.

I'd like to do some drawing as well perhaps. You could try that chicky!


The potty gardener

Ohh what a hard one. To be absolutely honest I'd probably watch tv - sad eh?

Thank goodness for gardening


I'd spend all my time under a table, sleeping


I'd just get fat and go wibble.

Actually Fidget's ideas sound brill. I'd also need a lottery win...Peru, Galapagos Islands, Carnival in Rio, and a home somewhere warm near the sea.

Andy, you lovely kind man

Like PD and FG I would spend more times in the hills, Striding Edge on Helvelyn, or the Alps around Obergurgl in Austria. - I would take my sketch pads with me and finally spend some proper time drawing and painting.

Any spare time I would carry on with my flying lessons - nice to think that if I ever persevered and got my PPL, I could ,if and when the mood hit me ( which would be often!), jump in a little Cessna and pop down to my beloved Cornwall. 

.......................dream on!


Instead of playing golf 5 times per week I could play 7 times!! At a pinch, I could return to Medicine, although I feel 44 years was enough.


It would have to be kart racing for me, I seem to be pretty good at that although its an expensive hobby :S

Emigrate to NZ, to get away from all the scroungers and PC brigade in this country now.


As someone who has only discovered gardening in the last year I would probably revert back to what was done previously, tv watching, card making and a bit of sewing on the side. Mostly tv watching though 


Hi fg. Would have to be the Torridon hills for me and then tea and beer at the Badacro inn just outside Gairloch.