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I'm sitting at my front door and have just noticed that all of my daffodils are facing the same direction, ( towards the road .) My garden has a slight slope downwards towards the road. I'm not surprised that the ones by the house are facing this way, but ALL of them.  Have any of you got any idea why this is ?


I don't but did say the same thing to my OH. How do they know to face the same way?

I've planted some in my grass and they are all facing across the garden. The ones in the border that they are looking at are facing them, so it's not a sun thing. 


They have turned round to either face the sun or face away from the sun.

Have you ever looked at a field of sunflowers with every sunflower facing the sun?

Dandelions come out according to the time and sunshine.  And one of the family is called Jack Lies A'Bed because it doesn't open until 12 o'clock.

Singing Gardener

I'd been wondering about this as well so you really roused my curiosity and I spent my walk into town this morning looking at all the daffodils around. It looked as if daffodils grown in rows all face the same way but daffodils in clumps all face outwards from the clump - the ones in my garden do this as well. 

I've got two troughs full of "Tete a Tete" daffodils and was a bit miffed that they all came up facing away from the house. It didn't occur to me until yesterday that I could just turn the trough round to see what happened so I've turned one round as an experiment. So far the daffodils haven't turned themselves back round so now one lot faces towards the house and one away.

Maybe they are influenced by the direction of the light when they are growing?

I think that Singing Gardener is right - not a sunlight factor as such, but where the light direction is coming from (ie- a pot against a wall wouldnt have light coming from 360 degrees)



All mine are looking at me right now. There's no sun but they're facing where it would be if there was any.

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