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ok, its a bit of a shock to the system ( for most of us), but I for one am welcoming the rain because ...

I want the lawn under the apple tree to soften up ready to dig out. Then will negotiate the roots to plant bulbs. On top will go some camomile lawn which started as a path through the border but has now taken over.

Anyone else keen to get on with a 'rainy day' project ?


What rain? All we have is cloud cover and the forecast looks as if it is going to miss us altogether. Our water butts are empty and even my needle sharp fork will not penetrate the soil.

Heather Michaels

Its been raining here solidly since 6 am (give or take the odd let up for the odd half hour). Not sure what its going to do for the rest of the afternoon, its still very cloudy but oh so humid and the cloud cover doesn't look as water laden as it did before. I could also use a great big downpour of water for the same reasons, have a couple of areas I need to dig but there aint no getting a fork through that lot right now its solid. Rain dances anyone?!  


i would have welcomed the rain. I didn't water the babies yesterday as the forecast was for heavy rain today. 



Me too!!  Trying to dig out the footings for a low wall and at the moment I simply can't get the spade into the ground at all.



Same for me Nutcutlet,

Did,nt water yesterday as rain forecast all day.we have had blue skies and sunshine,morning temp 24C.Oh well just off to do watering rounds.


3 out of 7 for rain today then? The weather man told me no one was exempt. I'll send some over to those on need.

A small shower early this morning and that's it - sun has been shining all afternoon!

The allotment is still a bit of a dustbowl - and to think the last few days I was going to get the hose out and give it a good soaking, but as usual I believed the weathermen telling me Friday and Saturday there would be some torrential rain - will I never learn!


we've have some rain on and off since about 4 am I was up all night as I couldn't sleep I went to bed with the wife at about 10 as I thought it was going to be heavy as told by weatherman. I am in the middle of watering the lawn with a hose.

Broken cloud tomorrow with the slight chance of rain.

I have a wife free weekend as she is driving in a pink car rally for charity( yearly event) so I shall be cutting old bushes down as they think they are big trees LOL and cutting Ivy back of next doors garage roof. I was speaking to him the other week when to my surprise he said in passing that the ivy was coming in under this garage roof oops 





We've had some drizzle but nothing heavy - although drizzle is good to start with after a prolonged dry spell as it softens up the ground a bit and lets future rain soak into the soil.  Heavy rain falling onto dry ground can cause problems.

I need more rain here over the next couple of months - I've got to dig a big new border at the front of the house this winter 

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