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I think it's too late James, we're too far down the slippery slope


My trouble is that in winter when I look at the garden I don't see the bare patches where hostas etc have died down or the dead plants I haven't cut down for protection and wildlife. At this time of year I see in my mind all those beautiful flowers that are decorating the covers of the seed packets. All growing in my garden! So, in order for the garden to look like my mental picture, I just have to go and buy those seeds!


True BL

There's a day every year when  'How am I going to fill all those gaps?', changes over night to 'Where am I going to put all these plants?


I swap babies and divisions and cuttings with members of my garden group.  I donate plants to a charity sale but, as I help run it, I buy some too and I swap plants with the lady who comes and helps me once a fortnight.   She has plants she thinks I should have and I have plants she can use in her garden or give to other clients, including my nieghbour across the road who gifted me half her gardener's time while I was laid up having new feet.

Gardeners are very swappy, generous people but I do have masses of seeds I've put off sowing because of lack of space or time and am determined to get those treasures popped and growing so, like I said, no new seeds - just yet.

Highland Jeannie
CluelessGardener wrote (see)

I have to agree I went and bought only two grow bag trays yesterday and found my self coming out with two extra packets of weeds with them..


Love the typo James!!  I get plenty of those without having to buy them.....



I didn't see the typo until I read this post twice Highland Jeannie I did mean SEED'S

silly me a lot on today getting the kids ready for going back to school also cleaning and making soup to freeze and washing but I am thinking about making a heated propagator for April-May


Clarington wrote (see)
Dove what supplier do you recommend for someone wanting to start stocking up on seeds to stop them from pacing the greenhouse?

None. Get on the seed swap threads and save money! Many of us, as you may have gatherered are 'seedaholics' ! But some have a mldicum of sense a a realistic idea of the size of their garden, and will, actually give them away! Personally, I have to grow them first, then see I ain't got space, then give the plants away!

nutcutlet wrote (see)

You're right jeannie.

could Seedaholics Anonymous help? 

Nut, I actually looked that up and it's real!  I thought you were having me on! So we're not alone, it is an illness! I' m stuffed if i' ll do that 12 step thingy to cure it, though!

nutcutlet wrote (see)

True BL

There's a day every year when  'How am I going to fill all those gaps?', changes over night to 'Where am I going to put all these plants?

Yep. See above for help!


Jeannie, you'll be pleased to hear that since posting that comment I am now the proud holder of some tomato and chilli seeds thanks to members here! Its like waiting to see if Santa has come checking the propagator! 


Garden Jeannie, seedaholics anonymous really exists does it? I shall have to check that out. 


Clarington, I will probably have some spare seeds. If you want to pm your details, I'll send you a pick n mix to help build that big box! Just cos you have to have a lot of seeds you can never use to catch up with the rest of us!

Yes, Nut, there really is! I didn't read it yet, just googled it for fun! Think it's american. Will look again and send link.


Here's a link, Nut. It's another gardening forum. But It's really true! I did see another, american site, but it seems to be about growing weeds???,51985.msg527668.html#msg527668


Just found a pic that my OH posted on FB. Showing me so desperate to start sowing after the xmas hol,that I was cataloguing my seeds, and checking to see what I needed to buy! None, really, but short of toms. Bless him, when I was working, he went through my boxes and put all on a spreadsheet, with sowing and planting out dates, useful info, and put reminders on the calender of my laptop!

And please, no laughing at my onesie!


So, I'm sure many of you have even more seeds than me. So I thought I may start a 'Seedaholic's' thread, in an effort to prevent those totally unnecessary purchases that we know we have no room for!

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