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I'm writing the post because I'm so bored I mean really bored and frustrated every time I plan to go digging in the garden it's raining and every time it's nice I have other things to do it's nice and by the time I get home to rescue the spade from the boring corner it yes you've guested it, it's raining I'm really itching to get the new season started but I know if I start to early I'm going to fail and fall flat on my backside.I've even made some news paper pots but run out of news paper so now I'm checking the sowing dates on my seeds

Tomorrow is going to be a brighter day with some sun so hopefully I will be-able to do some digging

Frustrated gardener that just needs to do some thing



Read a book.

Lots of gardening books to choose from. Start with Gertrude Jekyll, move onto Marjorie Fish, Vita sackville West, Christopher Lloyd, and Beth Chatto.

 Then replan your garden on paper, and get out the seed catalogues.


 I've got a whole day of picking up sticks tomorrow.

The next day I can put them through the shredder.

The next day there'll be another lot down.

Roll on spring and real gardening.

I'm with you Clueless! I have lots of plants that need repotting but in this weather just trying to stop them floating away!


I feel better as I got to do lots of gardening today. The rain did not commence here until late on.


Hey clueless

I guess most of us feel like that too.  The stormy weather, the dark days and the fact that father Christmas has left us to our own devices yet again is a bit depressing. 

The weather usually evens out so we will get a long dry spell soon.  Then you can get outside and garden.  

Mind you there is plenty of time yet to get gardens right.  No urgency really, is there?

Relaaaax clueless.  


Clueless - I know what you mean. By the time the rain stops and I will back at work and it will be all over. Moping around the house, have looked online and read books but I just want to be out there!

Really frustrated as well as our council charges an annual fee for the collection of garden waste. This is collected once a fortnight but not in the Christmas period - having to wait till mid jan and my bin is already full. Only space for one composter and this is full too....

I feel your pain Clueless.  I want to be out in my Christmas wellies making my three vegetable patches but I can't.  My Christmas wellies have failed to appear and the land designated for the vegetable patches must wait until my partner has finished his man shed (March at this rate) so that he can use it as a dumping ground for soil / wood / man shed type things!

Now I'm back at work its guaranteed to cheer up weather wise (new office so I don't even get a window to look out of) so I am looking forward to seeing what everyone else gets up too!

What are you planning on growing this year?


Bill - its been a couple of years since I've had to worry about power outages on a regular basis but I was amazed when our water was cut for several hours the other day just how quickly you get used to the idea of it always being there! How do you cope?


Blue sky's today, So I will try and get out in the garden and do some digging BUT the OH is at home today and that normally means running around after her.

Do this do that get this get that, I need this I need that what's for dinner? what's for tea?. you get the idea.

But it's dry so I'm off to get my boots on and out in to the garden.




Clueless, wear your invisibility cloak, so OH can't find you

You will feel so much better even if you get just a short time out there clueless.    


Does that mean you do the cooking, Clueless? I suppose that's something to do. You're lucky it's dry, here is squelch, squelch and the rain woke me up again in the night. There's nothing to paint or paper in the house is there? To keep you going until better weather comes back. Or garden planning?

Bill, in '99 there was a hurricane here, no electricity for 10 days, no water for 5 days, trees all over the drive so I couldn't get out for 2 days. I was so busy trying to keep the fires alight, shifting logs and sweeping the carpet with a stiff broom, doing washing by hand with water from the swimming pool, heated on a gas ring, that I didn't have time to be bored. Like in the olden days. But then I live in an old farmhouse in France so am lucky enough to have wood fires and a pool. Don't know how I'd have cope with flushing the loos without it.


Yes I do all the cooking, cleaning, washing, food shopping, gardening, DIY, the list goes on.



Too wet to garden here as the soil is waterlooged so can't even risk getting on it for weeding.  However, I have a newish womanshed which needs its new shelves finishing and an OH on hand to help.  Then it'll be a case of transferring garden stuff in to there from the garage so we can do something radical like get a car in it.

A few pots big left to move into greenhouse or shed and the bay tree to bring indoors before winter hits.   Need to call a man about lanwmower maintenance too and, food to plan and prepare as ever.

Not going anywhere near seeds till the days are longer and there's more light.



James James James - calm your jets  - what you need is a new indoor hobby. Here's a few to get you started:

I'm making curtains just now so you could always get a sewing machine....

Knitting - Dove's a dab hand so I'm sure she'll give you some hints...

Painting- plenty of winter landscapes to get you going.....

Baking- we'd enjoy seeing you on Great British Bake Off....

Or since you're a bit feisty - how about Cross Stitch.....sorry!

Or you could just chat on here with us till the weather gets better!  


My OH does cross Stitch it's amazing what she does I couldn't do it.

I think I doing to paint the kitchen next week also the down stairs loo at some point.

I think I'm going to make a gate for the garden But I do need to dig some flower beds and get them ready for the spring I have manure to be dug in to the flower bed but on the other hand I'm not looking forward to it as the area has never been dug for 16 years and has a good layer of stones/gravel on it also it will be full of IVY roots but this is where I need to be and spend time getting the ground ready for my Dahlias and coneflowers so I'm off now to start digging as the ham is in the oven now for dinner after it was soaked over night and part boiled and skimmed this morning radio under arm WD40 on boots wish me luck xx



Sounds like you've plenty to keep you busy Clueless!

I love dealing with new areas......stones, roots out and goodness in.  Very satisfying.  At aummer's end I dug up a conifer that had served its time well.  Heavy and stubborn.  Lots  of cursing, sweating, attacking but eventually it yielded.

 Then a new plot to clear and enrich.  To see that new empty bed was worth all that effort.  It is now filled with heleniums, Astranias, hellebores, Heucheras,,hostas, grasses, etc.  (Even got one of my anemone wild swan there). I have high hopes for spring and summer.

Good luck james......that ham sounds good too 


Clueless, what does the OH do then? Or are you a house husband?