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We've been pottering around gardenning our flower borders for quite a long time, but have never done much in the way of putting anything back into the soil to improve it, short of emptying the spent contents of tomato grow bags (which are probably devoid of beneficial nutrients by that stage) around the beds.

What would be a suitable type of improver to use for flower borders?

Thanks in advance.

It depends on what's in your borders now.

For new borders I plough as much organic stuff in as compost, manure, etc.....before planting.

In an established border mulching with generous quantities of compost is important.  And when I remove a divide or discard....I put compost into the planting hole.  Plus the use of organic blood and bone, chicken pellets, dried cow manure. I regularly  mix garden compost or mpc with dried cow manure to feed both plants and soil 

Thanks Verdun.

We've got established borders.  We'll need to acquire some compost.  Our two bins won't give us enough, which I guess is the problem with a small garden which doesn't produce much organic waste.


Try your local council for their recycled green waste - i have heard good things about it, and they will deliver in bulk

Thanks for that idea Chicky.  I'll see if they can do anything.

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