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Hello all. Can anyone help? My cyclamen has not yet dropped last years old leaves. I had stopped watering it-but it has started shooting new growth. Should I remove old leaves, or wait for them to drop off?


My mother in law (bless her!) has one my husband bought for her over 10yrs ago. She waters it sparingly when it stops flowering and only removes dead leaves. It has gone on producing flowers year after year. I think there was a slot in one of the Gardeners World Magazines last year by Alan Titmarsh on how to keep them going ? Can't remember the issue though.


They go semi-dormant in the summer, so I would carry on letting it do it's thing (the leaves are feeding the corm at the moment) and reduce watering in late spring/early summer.  Many or most of the leaves will die back and you can remove those as they die.  In about September, give it a good watering (stand it in a bowl of water for 30 minutes) and then don't water it again until new growth starts.  Once it is growing well, you should water and feed it (eg with baby bio) normally, then you should get flowers for about 3 months over the winter.  I always aim to have mine in full bloom at Christmas.

They are easy to grow from seed, but it does take a couple of years before they are big enough to flower.

Thanks. I'm in Australia, so coming into autumn now. It usually drops all its leaves when i stop watering-after its finished flowering. Just thought it was odd that it started shooting so early when it hadn't died-back properly. Have been feeding it with worm-casting 'tea' which it seems to really like.

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