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I would start with a petition which you can give to your MP, assuming s/he isn't in favour of the new site, stating the main reasons why a new site is undesirable.

Whether you are succesful in your fight might depend on how old the existing sites are, whether any objections were raised before their construction and on what grounds those objections were dismissed, allowing the sites to go ahead.

I would say that the obvious reason why your village needs another site is probably that someone is going to make a tidy profit out of it.


There was something very similar planned for a village I lived in  couple of years ago. Everyone was so angry, it looked like going ahead, there was a huge backlash and after  several consultations and many arguments on both sides it didn't suceed.

I hope you have a similar outcome. 

I don't know how computer savvy you or your neighbours are and if you could get an online petition going or if it would be easier for everyone to sign a sheet of paper, but I think you have to get some signatures collected.


It's not hopless

I would go door to door for the signatures 

I wouldn't even think about town hall yet get the word out what is going to happen to your village. Point out the affects it is going to change to your local economy, quality of life.

The local air port in Coventry was planned to be extended some years ago which was stopped by the local voices of Warwickshire whatever you do don’t give up trying to stop it.

Just remember the voice of many will stop the progress of the few.



  We even had a local farmer try to setup a  crematorium

 in one of the villages this was stopped by local Voices the farmer had even cleared the site 


It’s your life protect it 




That's good news!   

I know that farmers are under a lot of pressure to diversify at the moment, but sometimes they have to be more creative in their thinking.


So pleased for you, don't let your guard down!!!




Windfarms, solar farms, gravel digging  and landfill. These are diversifications around here.

Windfarms are OK, solar OK in the right place, gravel digging is noisy and although those reversing bleepers aren't permitted on site, it's a constant battle to keep them to the planning conditions. Landfill stinks and follows on from gravel digging though I hope this has changed and we won't get landfill in the next field. I shall probably be too old to care though, they haven't started on the gravel yet

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