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Is it just me or has anyone else noticed there doesn't seem as many insects this year?

The greenhouse I grow cucumbers Is usually full of an assortment of indects . This year there are defiantly a lot less.


Short of ladybirds and blue butterflies but otherwise pretty good here.

But so many people  are out there spraying insecticides it's not surprising if numbers are down

I've found it a good insect year in general but, like Nutcutlet, a definite shortage of Ladybirds.

I don't use sprays in my garden or allotment but have a feeling some neighbours and plot holders do

Ive seen quite a few weird and wonderful ladybirds but few red and black

We had lots of ladybirds earlier on and they got rid of the greenfly on the roses very efficiently, but haven't seen many about lately.

We had lots of hoverflies earlier too, especially around the pond.  Now the runner beans are producing lots of beans so there must be plenty of pollinators around here.  


       Thank you to you all - just a bit more on the same - Please don't read this as being nosey   e t c .  But what sort of area  do you live , can't think how to put it .I am surrounded by  fields so it could be the spraying .though I do have lots of  b u d l e a  type shrubs which butterflies love .so butterflies are no problem. I did read if you put jars of sugar syrup in the greenhouse it will attract the other insects  in.

Again I would appreciate other views on the sugar syrup please.


shallow dishes of sugar syrup, they might drown in jars. I've never heard oft that but my GH is under-used to my shame and there's nothing that needs insects in there

I live surrounded by agricultural desert with a spray-happy farmer but I do have quite a large plot. My flowers are chosen for the bees etc but I also have room to grow those native plants that the larval stages of butterflies and moths need. 

I also have untouched parts where nesting species can be unmolested

I'm in a small village surrounded more or less by farmland........more livestock than arable........and about a mile or so from the coast. (Somerset).

There have been plenty of bumble bees, hoverflies, butterflies, ants and unfortunately aphids. Not many ladybirds and I haven't seen one wasp - yet. 


Very light on wasps here as well. One nest, but well out of the way and the flight path doesn't include my kitchen.

Last year a nest in someone else's garden filled my house and garden with wasps.

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