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Cornwall, as everyone knows, are the rugby union county champions and are on course to win again this year

just who can stop us?  The english teams are clearly no match for us 

Ok, duffers. ,heard of the All Blacks?  We are the cornish all blacks 


Are they singing tonight? 

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Where is Cormwall Verdun ?  Anywhere near Cornwall perhaps ?


Neither, Devon is best.


Cornwall is an English team Verdun 


i think cornwall is actually classed as country by itself?

Heading down your way tuesday to the open air minack theatre :) 

Not much good at cricket though.  However, Cornwall has the best beaches and I'm half Cornish going back generations so yes, Cornwall is definitely the best.

plant pauper

He's been there already hasn't he? Swear he came from in the first place. Or second place.



(they say if I don't do this I'll have my flat cap revoked)

We have considered blowing up the little bit of land that joins us to england 

plant pauper

Put in a canal! It looks like you're being helpful but you're merely redefining your borders! 



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Widen the Tamar, job done. 

No more EU handouts though.

Hosta, talk is that the "handouts" are coming to an end.  Plus the regulations and paperwork are costing farmers, fishermen,,etc., a fortune.  

Besides if we widened the Tamar the English would have no decent rugby teams, nir access to unbeatable clotted cream and butter, unrivalled pasties, the most delicious cream teas or any decent holiday destinations 

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