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No Edd, you're just a bit odd, but I don't like putting my hands in the oven if I cant see into it.


I understand the apprehension about adding liquid to flour. I alleviate the symptoms by always adding flour to liquid.

Steve 309

Hmm.  I don't like putting any bits of my body anywhere I can't see!  Who knows what's it there?!


Aint we funny?

We all have odd phobias. Illogical thoughts, random ideas, irrational fears.  All of us.  When things are going well I expect things to go wrong.  I am riddled with self doubts even though I know, deep down, I am good at certain things.  

Not madness Edd.  Human beings think too much ...over think.  It's ironic that the very dirt that provides your living also provides your fears.  I used to do door to door sales....for a short time in my youth....but the thought of making my first call was debilitating.  Often I would get back into my car and drive off. I still am like that to an extent.  Maybe it's the same with you....the fear of dirt on your hands until you actually, physically get your hands dirty.  

As a Samaritan I took so many calls from people with all sorts of emotional issues that were often helped by talking/ listening.  

The "experts" have to label everything, to identify "disorders" and to describe as normal or abnormal so I am sure someone out there will love to give a name to your "condition" Edd.  

Just keep reading this thread Edd.......we will all post oddities about ourselves.  We are ALL  a little odd   It's normal Edd



I was expected to stay clean as a child so now like nothing better now than getting good and mucky in the garden.   Nor do I have problems with cooking processes from adding liquids to dry ingrédients to make cakes, muffins or Yorkshire puds to kneading breads and getting sticky fingers.

I do also enjoy the process of getting clean again and after a long day out there in autumn or winter love a long, hot soak with a book and a glass of wine.  



I live with someone who would rather starve than cut up raw chicken. He is physically sick if he has to touch it and goes into complete melt down.

I on the other hand will get my hands in / on anything, raw chicken, mud, dough, up a cows ho-ha, there is very little these hands wont touch if needed.

Show me a wobbly tooth however and I go a distinct green colour - I have actually considered not having children purely on the basis that I don't think I could cope with their baby teeth coming out!

Steve 309

That's not the worst thing that happens!


I can't touch dry cotton wool, in fact just thinking about it brought me out in goosebumps  I think it's the way it squeaks! 

I don't like touching a whole raw chicken, am ok with breast/thigh! 

I don't like touching raw egg either . . . Pa Panda dropped one on his foot once, whilst wearing sandals. It made feel sick  

As they say, Nowt as queer as folk! 


MMM warm engine oil. Now that brings back memories!

The raw egg dropped onto the foot with the sandle, oh, I hope without sock!  Excellent!  That would make a great scene for a comedy

not a phobia, but a strong dislike.  Gardening in gloves.  If I try to wear them they are soon ripped off and at the end of the session my hands are stinging and scratched.



my mum's phobia is people holding the wooden sticks from ice cream with their teeth.

star gaze lily

I really don't like the 'stringy' bits on peeled bananas 

Don't like to touch raw liver, and OH has to stuff the turkey 

Don't like dirty hands either.




I'm with Panda on raw eggs, hate touching them, wash my hands after each one I drop in the mixing bowl. Perhaps it's slime, hate touching slugs, always wear gloves for gardening, never know what you might meet in the soil!


Hester, it was onto a sockless foot! 



I'm a bit like Titchmarsh when you see him dig his hands into 'lovely' compost.  Or I used to be when it seemed so lovely and moist and had a rich earth smell of healthy good organic stuff.  These days I wear latex gloves to re-pot plants and do anything because my OH has a weak immune system and I have to be really careful that nothing gets attached to me and spreads around.  So I can't afford to be as gung ho as I used to be.  I even now wear latex gloves under my gardening gloves.  I'm sure the neighbours must think I'm a bit of a little precious fusser!

My pet hates: can never get my nails clean after gardening, even with the latex gloves - ha ha.  Why do nailbrushes never seem to clean your nails?

Kitchen pet hate:  I'm clumsy and just about every time I make a cup of tea, I always seem to spill sugar on the work surface - as in a whole bag, or the sugar bowl, or even just getting a spoonful out of a bag of sugar.  I seem to do it to the point where I'm having to think as I'm doing it and thinking seems to make me develop dropsy.  The thing I hate is if there is any wet and the sugar gets wet and it goes all over the place when you try to clean it up.  I hate touching it.  The grainy wetness makes me cringe.  Otherwise, I don't fuss about any other kind of mess at all.  I'm not houseproud in any way and I love getting in muck in the garden.  I just have this thing with sugar.

My phobia to deal with in the next few days.  Pigeon died in the garden a couple of months ago.  I burned it in the little garden incinerator along with dead Xmas tree branches and other prunings etc.  Thought it was a good hygienic cremation.  Now, I lift the lid to put other prunings in and end up closing it again because that pigeons little legs are still there sticking upwards and I can't bear now to use the blasted incinerator.  How soft is that?!!!



Image isn't working Edd.


Yarrow - we have a variety of nail brushes from very soft to similar to the style you'd use to scrub the floor. Seems to be the only way to get your nails clean!


That said I used to shower with a brillo pad to get the dirt off sometimes!

As I said.....ain't we all a funny lot?  

I still do that mental thing..she loves me she loves me not.  It bothers me, momentarily, when it's the wrong one.  And that thing about three's.......if I have a couple of "baddish" events in a day I need to  get that third out of the way, somehow.  

We all have natural insecurities that manifest themselves in seemingly peculiar ways.....affecting our normal routines,,habits, etc.  

Delicious, Panda!!!

someone mentioned raw liver. My godfather related to me about thirty years after the event,with many shudders, an account of my father and himself cooking on board his boat. The sight of raw liver stuck to my father's Wellington boot!!

Orchid Lady

This is a funny thread, how odd that we all have 'phobias' etc.

As most of you know, I'm not overly keen on creepy crawlies or slimey things but I'm getting better and as long as I have my gardening gloves on so it doesn't touch my skin I'm more or less ok now.

My main 'odd' phobia is cheesecake!!  I can't stand it, not only eating it when makes me want to be physically sick, but I can't stand it near me either so if I'm out with anyone they can't have cheesecake......I have no idea why but there we go, I am officially odd!