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Ashleigh 2

I sowed several kinds of perennial seeds last spring in pots outside, when green shoots and leaves appeared in most of them I nurtured them tenderly until some of them flowered and I realised they were weeds! I pulled the ones I was sure were weeds out carefully because I thought, who knows? the seeds I planted may still be viable in there and maybe they just need to go through a winter to break their dormancy, if they didn't flower I left them in case they were the real deal. Anyway I had a look at them yesterday and two pots, both labelled Lythrum 'Rosy Gem' have got very small shoots coming from thin but woody roots which have a reddish tinge. Is that what Lythrum looks like? and if it is Lythrum can I plant it in boggy soil, I've had a look on line and some say boggy and some say moist but well drained so I'm none the wiser, any advice appreciated.


Need a picture to identify. If it is Lythrum it will grow well in a bog, or at least it does in my garden. It would also grow perfectly well in any moist garden soil.

I bought a lythrum before I realised it need lots of water. It survives well in my dry chalky soil and I give it extra water in the summer as well as lots of mulch. The flowers are lovely. It does have a reddish tinge to the stalks.

Lythrum salicaria is Purple Loosestrife, a lovely waterside plant. Your shoots may well be this species, but they also sound like a willowherb - watch and wait!


They're pretty adaptable. Mine are left high and dry in summer and continue flowering.


Ashleigh 2

Finally got some photo's if anyone can confirm this looks like Lythrum I'd be grateful.





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