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Is it me or has the recent GW programme been uninspiring? I know its early days but, On friday we had a section in which monty talked for quite a while on grasses. Then straight after we had a section from Joe Swift and he then talks about grasses??  I don't think Joe's contribution this year has been good. Why not actually plant the gardens he is designing instead of just using an ipad.  

Maybe its me getting cranky , I need some sun....and more carol


Not really the weather for planting new gardens yet is it?  I've got a new border to do and I've not turned a sod yet - most years we'd be ready to start planting by now  

It must be hell planning GW this year 


Whilst I have no liking for Joe Swift his design last night was quite nice and I think it's useful for people to see how to sketch up a design before they start plonking plants in a new bed or garden.  You don't need any fancy software or tools, just a pencil and paper.    If you have a plan, you're more likely to have a list of plants rather than buying what takes your fancy and then trying to fit them together.

I'm not convinced Monty has a plan for how each programme is going to run and just does jobs which need doing in his garden so it's just happenstance that his grasses needed cutting.  The way this spring is going I've got another couple of weeks before it's safe to take the winer coat off mine and cut them back to let the new growth through.


Couldnt agree more,it has become boring with items I would think the average gardener has verry little interest. It has been going that way for quite some time.

Yes I can see looking from a different viewpoint maybe I'm being a bit unreasonable. lets see how it develops..


thanks nodliab i don't feel so bad now..

Gardening Grandma

I think you are right, Obelixx. I learned on another thread that the programme is recorded a month ahead and, because Monty does not want the whole prog made from his garden, other presenters do not record from there. There must be quite a lot of splicing together after recording.

I really like Joe Swift, who is getting a bad press on this forum. I don't like all his ideas, but he does teach me things and make me think. I heard him interviewed, can't remember whether it was at Shrewsbury or Malvern, and I found him interesting and likeable.


It is not a month -usually 10 days

I think Monty gave a good piece of advice when he said to ignore what he or any garden show says and go with what your weather is like locally. My ground is hard, I put water out for the birds and an hour later it's frozen, might just manage broad beans in my raised bed. Sharpening the garden tools and watching GW is my limit of gardening activity at the mo.

The A-Z of Gardening's been good, and I'm glad they're now showing this and GW on sunday morning


Perhaps as people who want to get out into our garden and get inspired we want to see more but I think that Geoff is right, they start filming these episodes 10 days in advance and some of them can take 2-4 days to put together, that means it was litterally filmed last week. They are using some clips from different seasons aswell to try to keep our interest. Give them a break, what did you plant in your garden last week..? Or maybe you could do a home film of what you did last week and upload it and see the recations of the general public who are all sweetness and light when everything is ok but turn like a pack of rabid dogs when they arent happy. 

Sorry discodave but I thought this was a forum where you could air your views?  I don't think I was being "rabid" but perhaps as I'm new to this forum I have not yet learned the parameters??

As i'm not a professional gardener or filmmaker I doubt you will see my very ordinary


GW used to be on every week during the year with just a few breaks for Xmas, etc.
Then we would have hour lomg specials on bank holidays.
I like Monty don but I sense he determines how much GW is recorded so we dont get as much as we could. Unliks previous presenters his heart doesn't seem in GW.
There must be a reason why tv producers dont make gardening programmes ...the demand is there.
Perhaps they think we gardeners are just potterers, gardening because there is nothing else to do. All gardeners I know are busy people and gardening is their hobby as well as their economic choice....I.e. growing healthy food at reasonable cost.
I do agree GW is not as inspiring as it used to has become too formal
I always thought this site was about gardening tips and help, there are lots of sites around for view airing, i personally think view airing has become too much on this site. There's certainly more view airing than gardening.

I wasn't talking about you in particular Jana, I was talking in general.

This is not the first post where GW programme has been discussed or labelled boring. So after you have read a few of those type of posts it begins to get a bit old. Especially when people dont actually think about how the programme is made before they call it dull at this time of year. Alot of people who use this site/forum regularly have been logging in daily all through the winter months and eagerly awaiting something to watch and even though its grey and cold it has brought a little sunshine. 


I always enjoy Gardener's World even if it's about the sort of gardening or planting I don't like. They have to cater for huge differences in taste and people with all sorts of size of garden. Monty's garden is quite big, so it would be nice to see something for smaller gardens, but one could adapt bits to fit one's garden. I have a big garden and I like loose and romantic with lawns, roses and flowers and, preferably, an old stone or brick wall somewhere. I don't like beds surrounded by box hedges, like the jewel garden, unless it's for a small formal front garden or a knot garden stlye for herbs.

It must be so difficult to get it right, especially with the awful weather. I like all the presenters, they are so friendly and full of enthusiasm, even if their taste isn't my taste.



I think you have a point Busy-Lizzie, (I may be wrong) but I think that when we think garden we think about this sort of thing

or for me I imagine it would be like Verdun's garden. Maybe thats what is missing, a "garden" style that everyone could imagine parts or all of as their garden. 

Ok I give in lets see what the season brings .

 I Like all gardening programmes, anything to do with gardening really, so even though I'm not enjoying the show as much as I usually do I'll still keep watching and listening to all gardening progs. 

Enjoyed the different viewpoints...


Dave, that's exactly the sort of garden I like, got it in one!


I think inspiration does not come TV programmes alone, unless of course you are unable to get out and about. But if you can, I take inspiration from my local environment - other gardens, parks, even the council's hanging baskets strangely. My plans this year is to do a bit of traveling with the kids, not forgetting my camera of course and a sketch book.

I'm itching to get into the garden but the conditions are not quite right, so in the meantime lots of reading, internet, researching painters, photographers, stately homes etc

After I'd watched GW one thing stuck me, it was one of the best beginners introduction to gardening without saying heres an A-Z. Joe's design was fab, it's so hard to put down on paper a vision and even harder to realise it, in the physical sense. But if you did have the "average size " box garden which seems to be norm on new builds, you really could have planted this up exactly how he designed it.

One thing I have to remember, even tho the programme didn't fully inspire me to the point where I was leaping off the sofa. It may have inspired some one else - which is cool because I'll checkout other avenues of inspirational ideas. I love to research.


Just a thought could Joe have not started from scratch one of the designs and then we could see in real time how it turned out and how near the sketch it was?  And I dont mean planting full size plants to begin with.