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Since we are all overlapping now and posting on both evening and morning FORKERS.....I do it too it now time to unite the FORKERS?  (glad there is a spellchecker there )  Maybe keep the FORKERS bit, say "hello FORKERS" .  It would still respect Brumbull's place as the originator.  So, what do you guys think?  Shall we have a yes, no response and nominate a proposer?   I nominate Dove as she slipped me a fiver earlier 


Yes I agree Verdun. I have been thinking this for a while but knew that the idea met some resistance last time and so let it be. Unusual for me as usually I like to give things a good poke with a sharp stick.

It would be so much easier to run seamlessly through the day and would also tend to keep the thread higher up the page in the evening.

So back to my normal self I propose it and second it. Motion passed next agenda item! 



As I don't come on that often I find it hard to keep up with the 2 - eg just posted on Evening inreply to a question. Only one thing will be harder to back track 


Hello Forkers - sounds a good title


I think the regular posters, which excludes me, should be the ones to decide. I will be happy with whatever they would like to do. Usually miss most of the Morning Forkers anyway!!

Stacey Docherty

I think we should plus the other threads are sooooo long when you have to manually scroll it takes from am to pm! But what to call it .....  For forks sake lol



Nice thread title Stacey. 

Yes please, great idea. Thread title ? Forkers and diggers? no seriously we don't need the stress of who likes what, im happy to stick with first idea whatever it was, sorry waffling...
We will need to regularly post a message on other threads so non regular s will get their email esp those who hibernate over winter...and know where to come.
Could we also have (any) title in capitals ( uppercase if you will) so its easy to find.

I agree Verdun and second the motion, G'day Forkers!

star gaze lily

I don't mind, but I quite like Stacey's title!! He he


I agree,and will ninth the proposal by Verdun,it will make life a lot easier.


I've been getting blown around on the coast so I've missed all this, but I think it's A Jolly Good Idea   if I'm first up in the morning it takes me for ever to find the Morning Thread.  


I am therefore Tenthing Verdun's Proposal 


Well get on with it then, Verdun.



Waiting (tap, tap of fingers)

Hope its not like waiting for Verdun s photos

Maybe Verdun's having his supper - I've had mine - shall I do it?

I'm happy to go with the flow...says she who never posts on either but promised faithfully to do so on the evening one when it was first introduced 

I do ocassionally read the evening one though