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I planted this Bush several years ago and I can't remember what it is.

Is it a blackcurrant?


HRose..........I think so......I'd harvest  those few currants before someone else does it for you........lots of hungry birds about at the moment


The leaves look wrong for blackcurrent - I think it's a Ribes (flowering current.)

Here's a pic of the leaves on my Ribes Aureum:

The berries are edible but usually not very nice.


Sort of. It's Ribes odoratum or alpinum or aureum. One of the ones with yellow flowers

Thanks all for your responses - invaluable as usual!!



HRose............. sorry...........could have sworn it was a blackcurrant........didn't look like Ribes I have grown before.

However, always pays to get more than one opinion


They're edible though aren't they Bob?


Yes nut but can be a bit sharp!

Supposed to be very good for you - high in anti-oxidants.


Mine has never made any yet 

Think they may make it into a smoothie then.....

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