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I'd love to make something with Elderflower this year. Is this it? Does anyone have any  fab recipes? Thanks muchly x




That is elderflower and we have just made 2 bottles of yummy cordial using that BBC recipe.


I'll have to give it a go then. Is it best now, or should I wait until the flowers are more open?


The flowers make elderberry cordial or champagne and the berries make a good wine.

The birds like them too



Use the open flowers, not the buds, but before the flowers lose their fragrance and start releasing pollen. If you shake the flower and it stays firm and no powder or bits fly off then it's OK.

Orchid Lady

I made elderflower wine a few years ago, if you do it right (which I didn't) you can make 'champagne' out of it.  It was still very nice though and I still have a couple of bottle maturing. I think I need to take up my wine making again 

Elderflower cordial sounds lovely, might go and see if I can find some elderflowers tomorrow, there's usually loads up the lane 


When we get the garage sorted out so we have a bit of space, I shall start wine-making again -  used to really enjoy it 

Orchid Lady

Me too Dove, even if OH did moan about the yeast smell in the kitchen.  The best I've made was blackberry and apple, had a good night on that with some friends and the added bonus of no hangover because there is no rubbish in it  I've got about half a dozen Demi-johns full in the garage that are still clearing, I'm  going to filter them and try them next weekend I think.

I might make some more this fact I might try making some elderflower 'champagne' again 


Champagne?! I'll have me a go at making that! Errrrm, where do I start? anyone got any tried and tested instructions Please??

Steve 309

My friends made some delicious elderflower champagne a few years back.  Non-alcoholic and very refreshing.  I can ask them for their recipe when I get home if you like.

We also tasted the cider we made in October last week.  Very dry, very strong, very pale and very morish!


Yes please Steve!  feel free to share your cider recipe too. I think I've found anorther new hobby to try!!



Thanks Dove. Eeeek, a lot of people on that link have had explosions! Sounds like one has to be brave when making champagne?!

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