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Can anyone identify this shrub for me.

I have moved house and have about 20 of these plants in the garden.

with children and pets I want to make sure they are ok and not poisonous.





We're good on here AG, but not that good - no photo 


Bet I know what it is....I can sense it lol. Love the squirrel Paula 

I have posted a photo on and you can see it at my end. 


I'll have a look and see what I have done wrong

Thanks for letting me know

Can you let me know if it comes through this time?





That's a Hypericum.  Pets usually know what to avoid.  Children have to be trained to leave berries and such-like severely alone unless an adult who know is with them.  Indeed it is best to make it a rule that edible berries should be taken into the house to eat.

Definitely do not get paranoid about poisonous plants or you will be able to grow nothing!



Yep can see it now, looks like a type of Hypericum inodorum, if it is, the berries are a poisonous phototoxin which will cause skin burns or rashes if ingested and then skin is exposed to sunlight.


Aha  Upside down Hypericum lol. Yes berries poisonous unfortunatly.

Thanks for your replies - someone told us it might be deadly nightshade, so we were a bit worried.

Might get rid of most of them as they are not very attractive.

Never really had much of a garden before. any suggestions as to a good replacement for them.  Something pretty but needing not much looking after.




give those a good haircut this winter and they'll be a lot more attractive

addict wrote (see)

Bet I know what it is....I can sense it lol. Love the squirrel Paula 

Thanks Addict, I took the photo in the Lake District a while ago.

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