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Loking for help/advice/competition entrants to create a yesteryear garden/orchard covering 4 acres of land in the Dordogne. All input and feedback appreciated.!blogger-feed/c1y40 I admit to little gardening knowledge but I do love a good garden and believe in conservation. Thanks


Ah, Buzzy Lizzie is the one for you, hope she sees this.


Can I suggest you contact

The Lost Gardens of Heligan, that have lots of varieties that are victorian.

Also Garden Organic at Ryton Gardens in Coventry , who have a heritage seed collection.


Thanks Fidgetbones. I will contact them and see what they suggest. 


oooooooooooooooo A Victorian garden project PLEASE PLEASE keep us posted of your adventure

with lots of pic's




We will Cluelessgardener. Story and pics and all!


You might be able to still get from Amazon

 The Victorian Kitchen Garden. by Jennifer Davies and 

The Victorian flower garden.

 Also the DVD of the BBC series the books are based on,

 Harry Dodson's Practical Kitchen Garden.  Harry Dodson was the gardener who did most of the presenting and work.


Thanks for that Fidgetbones. Plenty to get my teeth into. I am more convinced than ever it is a worthwhile project and am excited at the prospect. 

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