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Yesterday at 08:29

Happy birthday Yvie 

Yesterday at 08:43

Happy Birthday Yvie. Have a lovely day.

Yesterday at 08:47

Happy B day Yvie 

Yesterday at 08:49

Have a lovely birthday Yvie


Yesterday at 08:58

I only know how to make real cakes not pictures yet!!!! Happy Birthday Yvie!!!!  x

Yesterday at 09:58

21 again Yvie. Have a lovely day 

Yesterday at 10:10

Happy birthday Yvie, what better place to spend it than Cornwall.

Yesterday at 11:39

Happy Birthday Yvie


Yesterday at 11:56

Happy Birthday Yvie - & Clari & Punkdoc, sorry have missed so much whilst having to work for a living. Hope you had/have great days, enjoy a little of what you fancy to make it special.


Yesterday at 12:11

I have a birthday in September..  Thought I would give you all time to save up for nice pressie.

Yesterday at 14:16

Happy birthday Yvie! 

Yesterday at 17:19

My birthday is in September too. I wonder if Verdun is saving up to get me a pressie

Yesterday at 18:44

Donuts plants only have a short life span Busy-Lizzie. I am sure Verdun is trying hard . Perhaps the seed will fruit in time?

Yesterday at 21:41
Happy Birthday Yvie 


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701 to 714 of 714 messages