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Saw my first ladybird last week, my first bee yesterday and despite torrential rain this morning, the birds are chasing each other today 

today must be spring at last 

hollie hock

Good news, I saw a ladybird recently too, no bees though

Doesn't feel like it here , I have to say! I know there are flowers out there somewhere, I have pictures to prove it, but they are currently still buried under lying snow. Be a while before I see any bees I think


Lucky me living in the garden of England 

May still be while before the bees show up, but despite appearances you must be right - it definitely must be spring. Just come back from feeding the sheep, and there in a clump of rushes was a little fawn lamb and there under the manger was a little brown one. Got them and their mums into the shed with a warm bed of straw and some hay (for the mums!) much better than the cold, wet, muddy field. My daughter will be excited - we raised the grandma of the fawn one ourselves, so this one makes her a great grandma!



I bee today.  Huge bumble bee last week.


Awww how lovely Buttercupdays 

"Err right" Wintersong. I will look out of the window, if I open the door all my soft bits will get frostbite. All my Daf's are closed up against the winter we still appear to be getting, other parts of the country are talking about Tulip's? Still under ground here and who can blame them. Still I will be eating my own tomato's and strawberries when yours are long gone.



I had a honeybee last week on the hellebores. I didnt think anyone around  here had beehives, so its either new or a wild nest somewhere close.


still very frosty mornings here in Scotland and the bog/grass hasn't changed yet :/



I was hanging out the washing in the sunshine and looked across at the grapevine trellis where I saw a couple of ladybirds the other day, and look what I saw!!!


 More native ladybirds than I saw in the whole of last summer in this garden


I saw one yesterday Dove - first of the year.


The bee that buzzed loudly when I moved a Hellibore must still be waking up as I found it on the utility window yesterday morning.   Must have come in on the washing.

Grand total.  

1 Bee

2 ladybirds

1 butterfly  

At a local garden centre yesterday.  There were dozens of bees all over the hellebores.  Already seen a couple of butterflies too.  Quite a bit colder here today so I hope they're wrapped up warm now.

Yep-saw Ladybirds yesterday in the garden doing naughty things to one another....if you know what I mean!!



I had that experience last year too Linda...had to shut my eyes....  

Huge bee on the crocus when I came in, but not quick enough to get a pic. A butterfly fluttered by at lunchtime as I came up the path, but couldn't catch what it was - only saw his 'under bits'  

Lots of honey bees on the hellebores and crocus too. Splendid. It'll stand them in good stead when it returns to winter in a couple of weeks 

Lovely pix Dove 


I have Frogspawn in the middle of the pond. Does this mean that we have a good dry summer?


the mallards have decided to leave the lake and move onto the pond. Sure sign of Spring. 

Bleedin' things have eaten all the frog spawn. gggrrr

fidgetbones wrote (see)

I have Frogspawn in the middle of the pond. Does this mean that we have a good dry summer?

Unfortunately not.  It just means it's warm enough for them to want to copy the ladybirds (See 4 posts above)


I thought there was a country tale that if frogspawn was laid in the middle of the pond, it will be a dry summer, and if it is laid on the edges, it will be wet.

Last year we had so much frogspawn, the pond was full edge to edge.