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Hope its not yet, i have only just barely got flowers on my beans.

I quite fancy having a go at those stupidly large veg! Maybe next year
Orchid Lady

Looks fab David. I'd love to have a go but don't know if I've got the nerve to do it 

OL, You could cook something if your garden isnt ready, you are a very good cook from what ive read!

What about your potatoes OL.  They looked great.  We don't seem to have shows like that around here unfortunately.



What will you be showing David? There is no way of writing that without it sounding like an inuendo! ;p
Orchid Lady

Hmm Lesley, potatoes all in my tummy 

David, I used to raise money for a charity with my Vic sponge, I used to make them and people would donate,mi raised about £500 altogether and have been told they are very good (not my words someone else's).

I can also make jam and chutney....hmmm......maybe ??

Orchid Lady

Bekkie........"what produce will you be showing at the village fair?" No innuendos there 

Ooo, get you! I struggle to make toast!

I think we will need pics of your entries for this years show
Orchid Lady

Well if I hadn't been kind and let the birds eat my raspberries I might be able to.....blackberries will be ready soon though  And I do have a pot of my strawberry jam left 

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