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I've been a good girl. We went to the garden centre for the gravel to finish round the side of the house, and I only bought ONE plant. A fuchsia : Tom Thumb.

That is amazing it is so had when needing something from a GC and soooo many temptations with all the plants that look so good

Well done you

Bekkie ....Only because OH was holding the purse strings


Im only taken to GC on special occassions now!


I'm forbidden to go on my own.

Orchid Lady

It is possible Bekkie, I've done it twice recently....last time I was tempted by 2 packets of seeds that jumped in my basket but no plants.....I went home and polished my halo and made a point of telling OH how good I had been, but he still questioned the purchase of seed compost and grit, was it really needed??????  

OL you will have to get him into growing something, men often like things with set rules like lawns and tomatoes, you could always get him some seeds for his birthday/ crimbo , or better get it from the kids! He will have to use it then, as we know by then it will be too late and he will be hooked! ....mwhahaha!
Orchid Lady

He does the lawn Bekkie, which needs food...... 


My OH started getting into growing things this year with garlic - he's very proud of his crop - I think he might try sweetcorn next year, if I sow the idea early enough 

I got my stepdad a packet of caper seeds, he needs a hobby
Mike, i find it impossible, even the seed section that ive seen a thousand times, i sit on the floor, reading and comparing packets, im supprised ive never been asked to leave!
Orchid Lady

Lol Bekkie, that's really funny......I have this image of a lady sat on the floor now surrounded by seed they ever take pity and bring you a cup of tea to warm you up 

Nah, just tut and walk round me! I sometimes struggle to stand for long periods, they should have chairs- especially for me


Orchid Lady

Ah right, I see now, sorry I didn't mean to sound horrible, it was just the way you said it 


I'm self funding so not a problem   However my OH has learned that buying me a plant that I swoon over pays rewards, I have a happy face and he gets his favorite pasta for his meal. He has been know to get something he doesn't much like if he didn't take the hint.

Like Dove's idea of sowing seed early  Always a good plan to let undergardeners think they have come up with an idea

I've been a good girl too 

Orchid Lady

You haven't Verdun, you bought from eBay, you said so on still counts you know 

So Verdun' s been a naughty boy.