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hollie hock

I don't think so, they look really healthy. The cuttings I've taken I've used a freezer bag for a couple of days and then removed it. So far non of them have wilted.

I've been moving them around a bit and have now put them out of direct sunlight, all look ok.......apart from a fuschia, it looks a bit crispy. I've read on here that misting might be helpful


They don't want to get too hot do they. If summer comes back and the temperature gets too high in there I'll move the whole assembly to a shady place outside


Cross your fingers and toes now nut 

I've  tended to have cuttings through the summer so I always have them outside in a sheltered but reasonably shady spot so that's pretty much the same thing as you're doing  isn't it? I've not had many losses over the years  (apart from the dianthus!) but I suppose it depends on the type of plant too. 



All crossed Fairy

Some in there are fairly easy but some I've failed with before; the variegated Rhamnus which I've tried at all times of year and never succeeded with and Bupleurum fruticosum that used to seed about but now I want to start another one I don't get seedlings. 

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