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Hi all, after years of neglect I've cleaned the glass inside and out, (except one side that will have to wait til the hedge is cut). 

I've asked all the spider to leave, removed their webs, the snails and the dead insects, cleaned out the dirty pots and put them in the shed, removed the mouse nest from under the potting bench and now there's room to grow something.

Am I too late to do cuttings from such as rue, thymes, Persicaria 'Red Dragon' and dianthus?

hollie hock

Well done nut!  Especially on cleaning the windows! That's impressive.

I'd say go for it with the cuttings especially as you've prepared the space.........never heard of rue & persicaria though.

I have a couple of pots of extremely neglected dianthus that are still with me and still try and flower and I was thinking of having a go at cuttings


Well done nut!  Must get my shed done soon - I think there's a barbecue in there which I was given but have never used (and never will) so I could use the space for some of the endless stacks of empty pots I never have space for.  I'd have a go at the cuttings - nothing to lose!  


Well done Nut Look forward to seeing some cuttings in there, I would try them; you've got nothing to lose


Brilliant nut - and we'll want proof that you're doing those cuttings too 

I layer and peg down dianthus as I've never been successful with them as cuttings so hope you do better than me! 




Thanks all, I'll get on with it. I was very successful with cuttings of Dianthus 'Mrs Sinkins' in the past. To give you an idea of how long ago, Geoff Hamilton showed me how to do it

I've had a bit of a run down time but I'm building up to it again now, even vaguely discussing with OH opening for ngs again. (eventually) He's keen, I know it's not ready.

Fairy, I buried Mrs Sinkins in gravel and it was a success. I must see if there's anything else I can do that with. 

I noticed a very strong looking Persicaria RD emerging from the compost heap as well, must rescue that

Can't say I've done much clearing in my GH yet other than using old Lilly stems to cut down the spider a treat

Cuttings of Cytisus have been successful tho .......only mid August ( tho i it feels a bit nippy in the evenings )............maybe I should be looking to have a clean up before I forget what time of year it i


I don't think I'm attentive enough for lots of cuttings if they're needing any kind of cossetting or attention nut. That's why I like that method for dianthus 

I think lots of plants might take that treatment. I'll let you do the experimenting while I build containers and fences....

I used to have Mrs Sinkins - was thinking of getting her again for this garden. Dianthus are great plants for any style of garden - they have great structure, beautiful  'perfect' little flowers,  tactile foliage, wonderful scent  and are great in containers. What more do you need?  


Lack of attention to cuttings is one of my failings Fairy


Well done! I'm meant to be clearing mine out to dismantle it ready to dig the foundations and then rebuild it alongside the second greenhouse ready for my over wintering and grand starts to 2015 but... 


But, I'm all to familiar with but Clarington


Nut   Bet you soon fill it with things. I'm waiting for 2nd coat of sealant on my concrete floor then I can go and play Thank you for your GH advice and we got one same make as yours  


A good choice KEF. The structure is perfect in spite of all the neglect

Well done nut, good luck with the cuttings.

Need to clear out my shed, it's 4 by 6 but there's only room to step into it, luckily the double doors are on the 6ft side so I can still retreive most things with a stretch  


stuff does build up doesn't it Zoomer


flowering rose

Its about the best time to take cuttings before it gets to cold and horrid. I clean out my greenhouse once or twice year as it gets very muddle and I can find where I lost my trowels of many and get rid of those hundreds of plastic containers I thought I would use!

Orchid Lady

Well done Nut, I've been doing my compost binds for weeks........I'd better get a wiggle on and get sorted or I'll spend a fortune on compost again next year, and it will be just as rubbish as this year 

I'm not brave enough to try cuttings yet, I need to learn to look after seedlings and plug plants better first 


My cuttings record isn't very good OL but I'll be giving it a go

Orchid Lady

Well, like others have said you've nothing to lose  I will probably try next year....go for it 


Cuttings, they have lids on the propagators but no heat, and some shade (a sheet) to stop them getting fried. 

Is there anything else I need to do?