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Surprising what you find when you do some tidying up. Poor thing had been forgotten and then lost under the Cardoon. Not a brill picture, but I'm hoping for a lovely poppy.

 Has anyone else found any treasures?


Sorry should have posted in Plants not Talkback.

flowering rose

I have often found that hidden treasure as your clearing up for winter and it always lovely to find a flower blooming or growing when you thought you lost it.and I thought the bulbs i bought were nerver going to flower and they have,lovrly white flowers with a purple center much like a day lily,that was a surprise.

Under a Lonicera Nitida, with its occasional purple berries, I found a straggly spiny plant which I took to be a gooseberry. This year it bore a single purple berry. At first I thought it was a Lonicera berry tangled on the spines, but it was actually attached and growing. Then it was eaten on the spot, it tasted slightly like a blackcurrant.

Any ideas anyone? I'm ruling out Jostaberry but putting bets on Worcesterberry because of the spines (and leaves).

flowering rose

oregan grape ,cant think of its name has spike like leaves and berries a bit like a grape ,jagged leaves and when cut has a yellow sap.I have one in the garden the birds love the fruit.wish i could remember the name.


Fr - mahonia aquifolium - it's not that, nor any beberis, it's a Ribes of some kind.


Poppy nearly opened. Sun tomoz' so I'm hopeful.


those yellow Ribes ?alpina/aurea have gooseberry shaped leaves and purple berries


I have a large woodland and park near my house. I would like some ferns to introduce themselves (there is a lot in the woodland) but that has not happened yet. I always get tree seedlings coming up...I plant them back in the woodland and around my town.It is nice to see some trees that you have grown when you walk/drive by, sad when they are removed.

The nicest things to self grow are Holly,  wild orchids (seem to grow from rhizomes), Pine and Yew seedlings.

Er, nut, I'm trying to be sensitive here ... how did you get to yellow Ribes?




Hi Peter, Dove's got there as well. They have berries like currants and the leaves are shaped rather like gooseberry leaves.


leaf of Ribes aureum



I found half a dozen  purple, autumn flowering crocus yesterday.  The odd thing is, I didn't plant them. I never buy them because the squirrels eat crocus. (next door planted 5000  to border 200 yard of drive, and they all disappeared.)

maybe the squirrels dug them up from somewhere else and planted them for me. A present in exchange for all the sunflower seeds.?

Sara 4

Flowering rose, I think you might have the same surprise flowers as I do - gorgeous and caught me by surprise too - are yours peacock orchids?  (Acidanthera and not really orchids).  I planted mine ages ago and barely noticed their foliage amidst everything else, and suddenly those lovely flowers arrived overnight.



Finally the poppy. Tied up in a poor way but anything during the bad weather. Hope I can get seeds from it.



Stacey Docherty

If u don't get seeds from it kef let me know cause I have very Similar poppies ( Danish something) 


Thanks Stacey will do

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