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can you grow ivy  in a pot to grow up a wall if so which is best and fastest growing

Ordinary Hedera helix but do be sure you really want it growing up your wall. It does cause damage, despite what some people may say, and provides a very convenient ladder on house walls for mice and other small animals (and spiders, and ants...I could go on and on!). It destroys dry-stone walls and ruins fences. It will grow out of the pot and take over the entire garden. Have I said enough?


landgirl I've PMd you and not sure if notifications are working

I wouldn't put ivy up a wall again. If it dies, or you change your mind, the scars are there for years if not forever

You could try the small variegated  leaf ivies - they will grow well in pots but you may want to pot them on or plant in the ground as they get larger.

Ivies are usually only a nuisance if planted against badly maintained walls/ fences.  You trim/ prune them as you would any other plant.  Against a good, block built wall, they shouldn't give you any problem and will provide a good evergreen screen if that is what you are after.

Ivies provide an excellent habitat for, nesting sites and roosting places.

The fact that you might be providing a home for creepy crawlies wouldn't worry you I wouldn't think....that's gardening after all

If you have a problem with mice, best to get that sorted rather than restrict yourself on the types of plants you wish to grow.

thanks to all its not a house wall its a back garden wall that is set on concret so will try t 


i want to grow it up a colonade that gets almost no sun it's wood posts will this be ok? would prefer rpose/ clematis but been watching and think too shady


Rosemummy, I've got clematis on a north-facing fence and they're very happy - have a look at Taylors Clematis website - they'll tell you which clematis are happy in the shade 

thanks dove i do have 2 so far on north facing fence but this is between houses shadier than where others are, i may try though..may also try mme alfred carriere you know i can't resist planting yet another rose if i get chance!!

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