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Hi just wondered if anyone knew which app Joe uses on GW to design the gardens? He obviously uses an iPad and have look up the drawing programmes available to buy, but can seem to find the one he uses.

Would be interested in getting the same one as it looks pretty good and easy to use.



Art Studio for i pad

Excellent thank you for your speedy replies. I have to do a seach and download it.

Just need to get my digital drawing skills brushed up...


Thank's again


Thanks Lyn for that I'll have look later at that

Looks quite straight forward, rather than that 3D Auto cad I tried a little while back.



Do you hand draw designs too Ziggy? I started a design course some years back but had to stop for personal reasons. I loved tech drawing but never used computer programmes.




go for it then and show us the results.

Hi Fairygirl sorry for the late reply. I'm a graphic designer at work mostly designing magazines, but have an iPad at home, so would be good to use a digital tablet like Joe does. I have tried varies 3D programmes in the past for landscaping etc but have never really got on with them as it's a good idea to get the proportion for a garden but not very good for visualising plants, so thought this would be handy for just being able to scribble designs and digitally rub them out if I don't like them.

Will let you know how I get on once the weather has cheered up

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