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Sarahs garden

What would you do with this killmarnock willow? It's very pretty but so leggy. Should I trim it? How much? It's bending over so far all round I have to keep raising it up! And it has little pussy willows forming already...


Hjya sarahsgarden

This is something I have to do for a friend soon.  Hers too is leaning and very congested.

What I propose to do is wait until the catkins have gone over in spring.  Fun and games, but I will get under the tree and cut out some of the oldest branches back to the main stem. There will be quite a lot.  Then I will look to prune back the remaining branches to downward facing buds. I want to try and recreate a "skirt" of light branches.   Then I will try to stake it....probably with a couple of stout stakes.  Really, if mine, I would have already pruned it every spring.  

It's not the easiest thing to stake an already leaning tree....??ou will need another's help.


Pruning after the Catkins have finished is exaclty the right time to do it.

Sarahs garden

thanks to you both, I'll wait & prune in the spring. Wish I'd known that 2 years ago when it started to wobble!


Ours fell over completely in a gale a few years back. Stood it up, eventually, pruned it like Verdun says and it fell over again. Every winter for a few years it fell over. Now it looks as good as ever with a stake bigger than it. Wonder if it will stay up this winter.

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