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HEllo.  I've finally joined today. Love my little garden. Veg and flowers. 


Welcome Runnybeak   Looking forward to sharing gardening times with you 


Hi, I've just joined, I too have flowers and veg, trying a strawberry pot this season.


Hi, and welcome both of you. You will find this a great site, with lots of advice and tips, but also a lot of of fun and laughter.



Hi Everyone. Especially newbies.


Hi welcome guys, this is a great forum, very friendly and informative


Hello Nanamaz and Runnybeak - hope you enjoy reading all the posts and joining in too.

Pottie Pam

Hello Nanamaz and Runnybeak. (lovely names)

I posted this photo of a hummingbird hawk moth on the wildlife forum. It's not very clear as they fly so fast and I'm a rubbish photographer. It's between the two white sweet rocket flowers on the left. It's the second one I've seen this year so might be a good year for them.


Welcome to all the newbies- I hope you enjoy the chat and info. So many new people I can't keep up..must be my age...

Lovely pic Pam - you should put it on the Gallery thread as well. It's quite clear when you enlarge 


Hi again. Had a lovely day, staked my tomatoes and fed and watered. Lots of flowers on. (Last year tomatoe blight killed all my plants off. )Tied in Clematis, they've gone mad. Must be all the rain. Dead headed dozens of little heads from my Malvern Hills climber. Perfect rose for climbing. Lots n lots of small yellow flowers til Autumn.   In my raised veg bed, lettuce have new leaves the size of my thumbnail, peas climbing, carrots through, what more could I ask. Really sunny day until just now when a really loud clap of thunder heralded a brief downpour.  Quite bright now n muggy. But hey tomorrow supposed to be another lovely day here in Staffordshire. 


Welcome to Runnybeak and Nanamaz

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