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 Quercus, I live on the North Essex coast. About five minutes walk from the beach. We don't get much rain here. St Osyth, a couple of miles away is offically the driest place in England. It has been very wet this year, but we still manage to get a fair bit of sunshine!  This morning it was pouring. This afternoon it was clear blue skies..and very hot.

I went out at lunchtime for 20 minutes. By the time I got back my shoes were squelching. I have abundant Tayberries that I'm picking daily, but tonight many were mouldy on the branch there's been so much rain today. Hopefully there'll be a dry period as I also have loads of large juicy Blackcurrants which are ready for picking.

Note to self, North Essex coast for next holiday in the UK!

Gardening Grandma

I wonder what house prices are like there! Wales is utterly beautiful, but oh, so wet!


House prices are faling here, same as everywhere else. You can still buy a 2 bed bungie with a fair sized garden for around 160K (in a decent area)

The real added bonus for gardeners is that we don't get hose pipe bans. 80% of our water comes from underground aquifers, and the water company (Veolia East) serves such a small area that the reservoirs don't get depleted. The water table here is very high. When we dug the foundations for our extension, three feet down and we were up to our ankles in water! The ground here is sandy soil over glacial clay. You need to make tons and tons of compost to get anywhere near half decent soil for veggies. I'm happy here.


Cheesecake with strawbs from the garden. I had to buy the kwi fruit!


Pennine Petal

Yummy looking cheesecake. A sunny day in Rossendale, strangely after yesterday's downpour. we have no water coming from the taps! The garden is alive

 with insects abuzzing.

 Buzzing climbing hydrangea.



How beautiful! Now that's my kind of garden!


Love the climbing hydrangea--mine is still small and has yet to bloom.

Well, my concrete is poured in the cool of the morning--not a job I like to do in the hot sun. So it's more digging and moving rocks and soil--can't wait to plant my first vertical garden! Won't have to buy plants--have lots of hens and chicks, echiversa and other succulents already. I have one called Mexican Jellybeans--don't know if it's hardy, but we'll find out!

Inkadog you must send photos when you've done it and tell us how you did it. I'd like one on my brick shed but it's fairly shady so would have to be ferns, hostas etc. and it would be a great addition for the queueing sparrows



Lovely pics everyone, and that cheesecake looks really yummy Tina5.
Very wet all day here in Bristol.Had a quick scout around the garden when the rain eased a bit and the penstemons are really doing well. Not many buds left on my Shasta daisy but several small snails were there instead !! Disposed of them and a few slimy slugs with my handy knife ! My cosmos are really struggling what with the wet and the slugs, and some of my bedding plants in pots are just stalks, all flowers eaten !!

 Lovely photos everyone - yummy cheesecake

We really need some sunshine


Basket tree



 Statue in arch



front garden bedding border









 Back garden



 back garden


 Clematis Etoile violette


 Oval garden




 Pam x


Stunning garden Lillylouise,  your plants seem to have escaped the worst of the rain and yes you are right we all need some sunshine now.


Thankyou Rain We open in 2 weeks time for the NGS and lots of plants that are usually in flower by now aren't

Campsis,Phlox and Hibiscus to name but a few.

Pam x

Haven't been on here for ages.  Have been busy with stuff in the house decorating etc.  Garden is loving the rain, but I am not so much.  Fed up with it now.  Everything is green, but flowers not liking the strong winds we seem to keep getting.  Ruined one of my Clematis.  

To be fair, everything is getting a bit overgrown as I have not been able to get out there much and tidy it all up.  Dahlias are still in the cool frame and need planting out desparately.

Allotment is loving the rain to a point.  Warm spells of sunshine in between and we are getting a few crops coming along now, but I think they could do with some more prolonged periods of sunshine.  On the plus point, I haven't had to water much.

Today was rubbish, lots of showers and very heavy at times.  Is this all our summer is going to be this year.  Off to Cornwall on holiday in a few weeks time, but sort of dreading that it might be just rain, rain, rain . . . . .   lets hope things improve.

Enjoyed Hampton Court Flower show on the TV, but missing GW!!

Oh and by the way, great photos.  Tried to down load mine, but didn't work, but don't know why???

Pennine Petal
Mmmmmm, raspberries look sweet and juicy


Gary Hobson

We all love to see Pam's amazing displays. I hope she get's nice weather. The weather here is definitely on the mend.

Gardening Grandma

Attotment Max, I also struggled to download pictures because they took up too much memory. Eventually, I made them smaller and then they were accepted by the GW downloader.


I just want to know why it rains and weekends and not when I'm at work 

Amazed by everyone's tenacity! Despite the miserable weather you've all grown beautiful, beautiful plants! What an inspiration! It's about to rain here in Yorkshire but I don't care... Your pictures have made me want to go out anyhow! Happy (wet) gardening everyone!


I'm taking advantage of the soft rain we're having here today, and all my houseplants, cacti and succulents are outside on the terrace having a shower to get rid of the dust and freshen them up