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Well we are in JUly.. and the summer is not here.. i have day lillies with buds on now for 3 weeks and still not opened..fear they will just die as buds if we dont get some sun soone.

Rob Stevens

I've got some Roses blooming, but they're ones that were alreeady in the garden, so no idea on names. Any Ideas?



 The yellow one smells fantastic. The others are scented, but not as strongly.

The child and I went to a NGS open day yesterday which was fun. I've written a review for them if anyone is interested!

Rob Stevens

@gardeningfantic, the sun keeps poking its head out here, and then fleeing again. Getting to the point where I ache for a sustained period of nice weather. All this rain is getting seriously depressing!


@rob.. that yellow rose is gorgeous.. yes the rain is getting a bit depressing now even for me..


great review and some lovely pictures Rob.. gardens look just how i like mine to look


Well I'm feeling very umpty. On Friday the garden was looking good despite the weather. I don't normally suffer very much with slugs - not sure if this is down to my organic gardening or my neighbour's obession with slug pellets - I fear the latter.  Tonight I came home from work and had a wander round my very wet garden, and found an invasion of the little buggers on my broad beans. I picked off 8 slugs in the time it takes to say slug pellets! The one flower bud on my Bishop of Llandaff Dahlia has broken due to the wind, the bounty of apples on my pot-grown apple tree which had which all looked healthy on Friday seem to be shrivelling. To add insult to injury the BBC have removed the GW episodes from iPlayer!

On the apple problem has anyone any idea why this would be, or is it down to the wettest June on record? The 3 cordons which are growing in the ground seem fine - so far


I have hardly any apples this year.  One tree has three apples on it and I check every day to see if they are still there!



 The only plants seem to be doing anything in my garden,just manage to get a photo before the rain comes back and destroys them.

Rob Stevens
@Gardeningfantic, Thanks! The garden was lovely, really enjoyed it.

@quercus, I've just applied nematodes, got sick of the infestation. An entire tray of. Cosmos seedlings gone!
muddy mare

first tomatoes ripe enough for a taste!with excitment bit into a modest sized tigerella and flavor what so ever not a happy bunny


Sorry UK but we (France) are having beautiful weather although the temperatures are down from the norm.  Hovering around 25 degrees (78 F) instead of the 30s we had last week. Showers forecast from tomorrow for a few days.

Just harvested first crop of cabbage, carrots, beetroot and broccoli almost ready.  Haricot Vert every day in shed loads.  Borlotti beans a disaster - none this year.  Blueberries finished but Boysenberries set. Courgettes coming along nicely.  Everything else slightly behind but Butternut Squash on the march.  Tomatoes and peppers in tunnel are in flower. Lucky Muddy Mare to have some.

No flowers on lots of established geraniums this year.  No cherries, plums or pears but have apples.

Annuals all in and some in flower. 

All early flowering shrubs finished except for privet.  The only Buddleia which survived the winter growing rapidly now. Lots of perrenials finishing now except for the salvias and a couple of later flowering ones.  Dahlias in full bloom and very tall this year.  (I keep them in the ground over winter but cover them with ash and mulch - we do get minus 15 to minus 20 so it's a risk)

Sowing seed this week on large flower bed going back to grass as can't cope with large garden now. 

Weeds rampant.

No ladybirds. 

I wish we had smella-forum.  Those roses look gorgeous. 

I'm sorry everyone is wet in UK.  We've a spare room if you need a break from it


Those golden roses are gorgeous!


your have beautiful roses cranesbill.. they love this weather i think.

i have lot of plants waiting to flower also this year.. it is driving me mad.. not been able to get out there for a few days.. everything getting beaten down by the rain.


Thank you gardeningfantic and inkadog, The golden Rose is called Arthur Bell,


Robot, thank you for that  We would so love some of your lovely weather, can you blow some over to us please, we are desperate, pleeeeeese!!!



Yes please do blow it this way.. really totally fed up with the rain now.. and not even getting GW fix... it is not good.

some good thou.. the lavender seeds i planted have started shooting.. but the maltese cross and the violas..nothing.. not enough light level i think.

in the garden the cupids darts is now toatlly flat..dunno if it will pick up.. my lavender dlowers are starting to droop to the ground also. and i have had 3 yellow aquilegas flowering non stop since start of may.. i keep dead heading they keep producing.. unusual for them.. but like a ray of sunshine out there at the moment.


I'm blowing.........................

Rob Stevens

I've just discovered three random plants flowering. Can anyone identify? Should I nurture, or start frantically digging out..?


 Sorry for the crap picture here - the camera refused to focus on the flower..

 I can't find any of them in my wildflowers book, so am a bit puzzled... They may be remenants from gardeners past.

On the subject of stuff flowering, my nasturtiums have burst out in the last couple of days



First one I think is definitely speedwell.  Second one looks like a poppy coming but not sure and haven't a clue about the third. Would be interested to know though.  Some weeds (wild flowers) are really nice and I've a tufted vetch growing through my rosemary which is really pretty so I've left it. 

I love nasturtiums.  Great to put the flowers in salads.  I remember being given seeds at school when I was a littl'un and growing them at home - many many years ago. 


Took these this morning not much going on in the garden yet.

My Dad Rose

 My Mum rose

 My little acorn.

 Clematis Rouge Cardinal

 Nasturtium Tom Thumb

 Finally 2 climbing roses