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Before ending up in a wheelchair, My mate asked me to lay a patio and a lawn this i did when it came to laying the rolls of turf i layed it out made sure all was level

then my mates wife said does the turf edges fill in i replied no if you have a large sail makers needle and some green twine you can help save time by sowing the edges together, so of she went indoors she was gone about 10 mins  she came back with a sail makers needle and a spool of green twine and asked me where she should start, pointing to an area she sat down on the ground and start i left her for hour before telling her i was only joking lol

Scott Edwards

I hope you were a fast runner as she chased you down the garden with one rather sharp sail makers needle in her hand!

You rotter......Look out though....She'll get her own back one day, us women always do.

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