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Emma has just posted that she's terrified about the prospects for her over winter.

Now, we all know she will be just fine.  Maybe we can suggest what lifts us when we get low......just for Emma.

For me it's my golden lab.  He looks to me pleading with his big brown eyes for his walk, his food and for attention.  "but it's raining spike" I say amd off we go.  Feel great after.

Amd the Monty python song.."always look on the bright side of life" tickles me every time I hear it.


Music, everytime for me.  Nothing in particular, anything I can have a good sing or dance to - when nobody is looking of course   

I get out to the gym even if weather is awful, I've been going so long I know most of the faces and someone will have a chat if needed. Plus exercise makes me feel more awake especially over winter when I'm not working much.

Plus all you lovely folks on here 


I get a kick out of going to the gym too, circuit training so not too difficult and always makes me feel brighter especially after a giggle with the other ladies  

Chasing young grandson around helps beat the winter blues and a kiss and cuddle when I catch him, well, you can't beat it. Wish I could bottle it and carry it around!


Verd, isn't the 2nd's a piece of ?  Think I'm having that at my funeral

How about that for a thread...NOT Sorry got my daft head back..coat at the ready.


awww you lot are ace

I had some good news!! Hubby has a work trial not far away on Wednesday

I was thinking, if worse came to worse, me, hubby, kids, clownfish (tho Nemo is a bit salty!), conch (ditto!), Teabag (my quite frankly gorgeous English Mastiff - my profile pic ) and my 8 chickens could all huddle together. Failing that, I'm off round Verdie's for snuggles



Good luck to him for next wednesday Emma, everything crossed for you X


You'll have to provide cake for him if you go Emma...he won't let you in otherwise 

He's a greedy piggy....

Good news for you- hope it goes well for hubby 


Thanks FG

I don't make cake (oven's a bit......erm...........)

But I can make a mean loaf of bread


Good luck for Wed's Emma.


Thanks KEF, and everyone You guys made this miserybum smile hehehe

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