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Keyser Soze

Hi Mike, Pleased to see you back safe and sound from your op and I hope the road to recovery is short.

My Step-Dad has a lot of problems associated with his irrigation and has been going for tests for some time now. I can appreciate greatly what you've been going through.

On the subject of religion you're quite, it's not appropriate. I have always been of the thought that it's the person that matters not what football team they support!

Keyser Soze

Sorry should have read "quite right"


Just wondered, don't want to start a religious debate! I'm C of E. Anyway, glad that you are better enough to come back here, Mike.

Glorious day today, lots of roses out in my garden.

Victoria Sponge

Glad to see you are back safe and sound Mike

Hiya Mike.  I thought you were a Jehovahs Witness when I started to read your post.

My own mother is a JW and I myself attended meetings over many years.....not now.  Took hee to the recent Memorial.  Witnesses call on me .....many are good friends but I have a bitterness about our creator that makes my feelIng for him difficult.  Two edged sword because my own mother and my deceased sister (dying at 32) had great faith that helped them a lot.

So, Mike, knowing the Winesses as I do I'm sure you are having good support there.

All the best Mike



Good to see you back here 

Yes good to see you posting Mike. You've certainly been through the grinder haven't you mate,be sure to take it easy and give yourself time to heal.

The religion is not an issue for me,its the person first and foremost

Take care my friend....

Much love from the Fishes
star gaze lily

Good to 'see' you Mike, take care and enjoy the rest. Best wishes Lily x


Can the district nurses not give you anything for the pain, Mike? In this day and age there shouldn't be any need for you to feel like that, surely?


Hey Mike dear friend,this is such a tough time for you.Mrs Fish has been quite teary this last week if I'm honest.I think operations do that to people,but me saying that is very easy and is certainly not meant to trivialise what you are going through.I think everyone on these boards will completely understand you wanting out,missing your wife and feeling like you've gone as far as you can.I cannot imagine living without Mrs Fish and we have been together just 19 years.That said,all of us here count you as family and I for one have never felt such an affinity for a forum before.This board needs you buddy,your warm heart and your wise head...not to mention that wealth of gardening knowledge.So no pressure then eh.

Much love from Mrs Fish and myself

You're a brave man, Mike, but I hope the Doc can give you something better for pain.

I know what it's like to lose someone, but I was only 47 when he died. Over 15 years ago. Have re-built my life since, but wanted to die at the time, although I have 4 lovely children. Met 2nd OH 6 years ago. When I look back I think it is probably easier being widowed earlier (never easy) but will probably have to go through it again, he's older than me.

star gaze lily

Oh Lizzie you made me cry, how sad, but  you'll have lots of happy years yet hugs.


Mike sorry to hear you are in pain, hope the docs can help with that. Take care, very best wishes and extra big hugs love Lily xx 

Orchid Lady

Hi Mike, so glad to see you back and writing on here again.  Sorry for the delay in posting, I was away for the weekend and was shattered last night so didn't have the energy to read posts properly.

I hope you can get something for the pain and that you heal quickly.

I too can understand you feeling lonely and Lizzie brought a tear to my eye too, like Fishy I couldn't imagine life without my husband. We have been together almost 24 years, since we were 17 and he was my first true love, even being away from him one night on Saturday I felt lonely and I was with all my friends, a life without him would be unbearable  Anyway, enough of that before I cry (again!). Also, as Fishy said, you have a reason to be here for your family and friends, both 'real' and 'virtual' so please stay strong.

Huge hugs and keep well on that road to recovery x

PS A person's religion makes no difference to me either, inside we are all human whatever colour, faith, sexual orientation etc you are.  I must apologise though because I think a few weeks ago I may have made reference to people knocking on my door (which I don't like).....oops, sorry 


Orchid Lady

Hi Mike, how are you feeling today? X

star gaze lily

Hi Mike, hope the pain is a little less today. Rest and be pampered. xx

Busy Bee2
Mike, there is a cream, an anaesthetic cream, and I am wracking my brains trying to think of the name. I will post as soon as it comes back to me - you must ask your doctor for it. Do you know when you next have to go to hospital for a check up? Maybe you could ask for it then? A|so, the blood in the urine is a common occurence but it looks so bad. It will come and go, and you just have to tell your doctor if it happens for more than a couple of days, but at the moment it is pretty much to be expected because of the operation.
Last Wednesday we heard that my cousin has been widowed - suddenly out of the blue. She and her husband were in their early sixties, and enjoying life together, and it certainly made me think about how hard it must be to lose one's life partner - just the silence of the days passing. The only answer is to fill them up, but sometimes when we get older we lose our confidence in who we are. On here Mike you are someone important, never forget that xxx
Orchid Lady
Oh Mike, it must be awful for you. I will say a little prayer for you but if I'm honest he doesn't really pay a lot of attention to me!! But if we all do the same I'm sure he'll listen eventually I can send more ((hugs)) though.

My son had his Physics exam today too, he seems to think it went quite well so fingers crossed, it will feel like an eternity waiting until 21st August!!