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19/05/2014 at 11:11

Hi Mike, so glad to see you back and writing on here again.  Sorry for the delay in posting, I was away for the weekend and was shattered last night so didn't have the energy to read posts properly.

I hope you can get something for the pain and that you heal quickly.

I too can understand you feeling lonely and Lizzie brought a tear to my eye too, like Fishy I couldn't imagine life without my husband. We have been together almost 24 years, since we were 17 and he was my first true love, even being away from him one night on Saturday I felt lonely and I was with all my friends, a life without him would be unbearable  Anyway, enough of that before I cry (again!). Also, as Fishy said, you have a reason to be here for your family and friends, both 'real' and 'virtual' so please stay strong.

Huge hugs and keep well on that road to recovery x

PS A person's religion makes no difference to me either, inside we are all human whatever colour, faith, sexual orientation etc you are.  I must apologise though because I think a few weeks ago I may have made reference to people knocking on my door (which I don't like).....oops, sorry 

19/05/2014 at 13:10

O/L.  No probs.

Val and I were married in 1961.  Many happy years were then shared together.

19/05/2014 at 13:11

Hi Mike, how are you feeling today? X

19/05/2014 at 13:24

Hi Mike, hope the pain is a little less today. Rest and be pampered. xx

19/05/2014 at 20:52
Mike, there is a cream, an anaesthetic cream, and I am wracking my brains trying to think of the name. I will post as soon as it comes back to me - you must ask your doctor for it. Do you know when you next have to go to hospital for a check up? Maybe you could ask for it then? A|so, the blood in the urine is a common occurence but it looks so bad. It will come and go, and you just have to tell your doctor if it happens for more than a couple of days, but at the moment it is pretty much to be expected because of the operation.
Last Wednesday we heard that my cousin has been widowed - suddenly out of the blue. She and her husband were in their early sixties, and enjoying life together, and it certainly made me think about how hard it must be to lose one's life partner - just the silence of the days passing. The only answer is to fill them up, but sometimes when we get older we lose our confidence in who we are. On here Mike you are someone important, never forget that xxx
19/05/2014 at 21:35

Thank you so much. Really.  It would be so wonderful to meet face to face all you kind people.  Today as usual.  My ever faithful daughter Amanda came in.  Whilst here she rang the local hospital.   QE Woolwich.  About an hour passed before she was finally connected.  In short, sorry can't help.  Here is the direct number.  Ring ring still a long wait.  I wish to speak to Mr............secretary please.  Hello, speaking, hang on, I'll check.  Sorry Amanda, nothing as yet listed for your dad.  Leave it with me.  The arrangement was.  The catheter was to remain in situ for seven days post op.  Last Thursday when I was discharged from Princess Royal, the original catheta was replaced by a smaller one.  No joke the original was like a half inch garden hose know where. Size 20/22 tube.  This was replaced by a size 16.   I trust I can speak freely, we are all adults and this quite a common problem.  I must admit, it took a while when feeling to attend the call of nature, I made for the bathroom.  I sincerely hope that when this is all over with.  I realise that I just can't go, where I stand anymore.  Back to today.  Amanda eventually left, as her son Josh is doing his physics examams today.  The a District nurse arrives.  Sadly not to remove the catheter.  This lady was old scholl down to earth, swore like a trooper, but heart and sould with the proffession and the patient.  She went through the same process that Amanda had earlier.  Same results.  Mike, don't be messed around with.  You and your body have gone through hell.  You must be given plenty of warning as to attending the day center.  They will admit you for the day.  The catheter will be removed.  Even the thought of that caused me to break out in a sweat.  Whetheth it's something being inserted or extracted.  It is so painful.  She went away and returned later with a couple of tiny plaster like strips to secure the pipework to a more comfortable position.  It worked for a while then the dragging pain etc returned.  Even paracetemol worked only for a short time.  To be honest at one point it got so bad.  This old fella shed a tear, it was so painful.  According to the District nurse. The catheter will be removed.  Amounts of urine pass thereafter will be measured.  If considered not enough, then the catheter goes back.  Believe me.  I am nearing 75, so yes. I will speak up.  NO WAY.  No more tubes up my bits and bobs.

So you loverly friends, perhaps a mention indespatches to our heavenly father, for a good night's rest and some future comfort.  Ladies.  Hugs and kisses from Mike.  Guys.  Drinks are on me.

19/05/2014 at 21:44
Oh Mike, it must be awful for you. I will say a little prayer for you but if I'm honest he doesn't really pay a lot of attention to me!! But if we all do the same I'm sure he'll listen eventually I can send more ((hugs)) though.

My son had his Physics exam today too, he seems to think it went quite well so fingers crossed, it will feel like an eternity waiting until 21st August!!
19/05/2014 at 21:49
I remember all this with Dad. Sadly in his case, the catheter was a permanent fixture, but not because of the bladder cancer - due to another technical problem with his pipework, and he hated it with a passion. So I can understand your being anxious to be rid of it, and the frustration of not knowing when they are going to do it, and where. The NHS seems to be increasingly hard to contact these days. One arm of it always throwing you to another arm, all of them overworked and understaffed. We've done the thorny topic of religion so far on this thread, so I'm going to throw in some politics - I smell a Tory government, I'm sorry but I do. Everything seems to be falling apart - and the health service in particular. They want us all to start paying for healthcare, and to hell with all those who can't afford it. And the rich are getting richer. Well yippee for them.
19/05/2014 at 21:51
Never discuss religion or politics at a dinner party.......but for what it's worth I don't trust any of them,get me in parliament I say
19/05/2014 at 21:59
OL, we need quotas. If only 5% of people in this country go to private and public schools, only 5% of politicians should be allowed to come from them. We need 50/50 men and women, proportional representation of the main races/cultures in this country. And if anyone thinks quotas prevent the 'most talented people' from getting the jobs, that is just a smokescreen. Just imagine all the 'talented people' from the world of acting, writing, music, the arts, television etc. drowned on a boat, it would take about five minutes to replace them with equally talented people who haven't had a look in yet, and the same is true for politicians. Right, I shall leave it at that, cos I'm getting far too worked up for a Monday evening, and I wouldn't like to upset a dinner party. xx
19/05/2014 at 22:13

As I said previously. My post that gave away my religious identity.  Yes I would love to talk around this.  However I respect members feelings and rights etc.  Please keep- this forum for gardening matters.


19/05/2014 at 22:20
Don't get worked up Bee, it's not worth it ((hugs)) x
19/05/2014 at 22:27

That's it.  Plenty of hugs and kisses.  TLC speaks all languages.

19/05/2014 at 22:43
Mike and fellow gardeners and friends.Apologies for not posting here sooner,its been a very busy day and hospitals were once again on the agenda.My 15 year old daughter had to see the ENT specialist about a nasal polyp.She has perennial rhinitis which she inherits from me bless her and will need to have it removed under GA.We could be waiting two months though but I suppose it could be worse.

Anyway Mike,you are making me wince my friend at the descriptions of your catheter.Just the thought of it makes me cringe and you have my most profound sympathy.Hopefully that instrument of torture will be rendered superfluous in the very near future.

Oh and as I was sitting in the waiting room today with Mrs Fish and my daughter,I was examining a very impressive quilt/tapestry thingy on the wall.There were two statements sewn into it saying 'gardening gladdens the heart and soothes the soul' and 'gardeners make friendships that grow'. I think I got that right,I'm typing from memory.How appropriate me thinks
19/05/2014 at 23:08

Hi Mike.

Just found this post and there are a lot of comments so have read none of them yet!! I have been away and will be going back again very soon. Its bliss!

Hope things are going well and I just thought i would let you know that we are with you even if i am away and can not get on line as much now. 

I have noticed a load of aphids about now and it is a bit of a shock as there was loads of ladybirds about weeks ago?

The new seeds (planted outside in the beds are hard to distinguish between the weeds! and i thought i was good at identifying weeds. We will just have to see.

Its the main growing and rejuvenation season now, so i hope you will join us. Let us know if you need any help with things, wont you?

This sowing seeds into bare ground is new to me (apart from veg for show) so i hope your wisdom pays off. Looks good so far. I'm amazed at how fast seeds germinate when the conditions are right.

Remember its cold up North!! (was) so we are later than others. 

Kind regards


19/05/2014 at 23:26

Hi Mike sorry haven't posted earlier. So glad to hear you are doing well, keep on at the hospital or your GP about the pain they  must give you something stronger, at least till you start to heal internally. Keep posting and keep well 

20/05/2014 at 06:23

Mike - bless you I know the catheter is grim, my Pa has had one for over 4 years.  It'll soon be out and you'll be feeling much more like yourself.  Try to look forward to sitting out in your garden and enjoying the summer - if you can relax the pain will ease.

Some of us are going to Bressingham Gardens today so I'll post some pictures this evening.  I'll have an ice cream on your behalf - I'm so kind 

Thinking of you ((hugs))

20/05/2014 at 22:43

Hey Dove.  You really are a luv.  Many thanks.  We' today Amanda came over as usual. Within a short while she was on the phoe to the QE Woolwich.  Familiar long waits etc. Then eventually.  Yes Amanda, I remember, we spoke yesterday.  Look my dad is in so much pain.  In short it was like talking to the wind. Then Amanda rang me this afternoon.  Dad, the QE rang me.  They are going to put you on the waiting list for the clinic.  Says Amanda.  That's no good. My dad had his op on the 12th.  His discharge statement specified, the catherter was to be removed seven days post op.  Well the nurse on the section has gone home.  It will probably be after the bank holiday taht your dad will be called in.  Believe me, had it been me phoning.  The telephone wires would be glowing red.   Amanda and I agree, come tomorrow, we are off to Princes Royal Hosp.  Amanda's suggestion to turn up at A&E.  No go. They would just refer me to Urology. To be honest. I have come this far, please excuse the lingo.  I am feeling that perhaps to gently pull the catheter out and lie still.  And in modern day term...stuff the hospitals.  I appreciate that perhaps this is not the right place.  Mike is ver particular to personal hygene.. I shower and wash regularly.  This afternoon I caught a whiff Honst I was so ashamed of my self.  My twiddly bit was giving off a bit of a pong. Immediate washing etc. The pain is a real problem.  The continued sorenes.  To watch me attempting to sit down  most might think I had a sore painful bottom. Then to get up and move about.  Don't ask me.  Not that I am in any way a vidictive person but, someome is going to pay heavily at the end of the day.  I realise that if and when the catheter is pulled out, it is very painful for a few seconds.  Believe me.  No more catheters.  My spout belongs to me...keep out.  Sad to say.  This has all spoiled my experience. Even to the initial comment from the big man.  Oh it's just bladder cancer.  Believe me. No bedside manner.  I've done a bit of boxing in my life but BH, this was well below the belt.

So a few drams later and a nights rest, who knows?

20/05/2014 at 23:00

Hey friends  please stop all of these apologies. Mike is a fellow memeber of the forum.  Truly I value the forum friendship so much. Thankyou all.

20/05/2014 at 23:02

Oh dear, sounds awful. I hope you manage to get a night's rest. Perhaps you need antibiotics, could be an infection. Go to A&E tomorrow. When I was a nurse I don't remember men saying it hurt that much, perhaps they were putting on a brave face. I've removed catheters and no one even said "ow".

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